Some time ago I did a part 1 of this same topic please check it out on my timeline and read through it with understanding because the truth is this:

A man can have sex with a lady and still don’t have any feelings for her, most men only need space to have sex but majority of women need reason to have sex.

90% of woman cannot have sex without feelings, A man can travel for eight hours just to have sex with a female and yet, not love her or even have any feelings for her.

Sex makes men act as if they are in love while they are not!! What they feel is lust, what they feel is what they see which is curves and a huge behind, go through a lady’s silky skin thigh for a 5 minutes or less, ejaculate and forget.

The eight hours travel sacrifice, gifts bought, hotel paid for and other expenses may seem to be coming from true love but they were all in the sacrifice for sex and nothing more.

The foolish thing is this, the majority of women would jump up inside them and conclude that this is the art of true love. So many woman are bought and blinded by materialistic things, yet miss the small little gestures that money cannot buy.

Sex is not an act of commitment. So many Men and women still leave their partners on their beds and start thinking of the next woman or man to sleep with.

The satisfaction that comes from sex dies in minutes.

It is in the nature of Lions to go miles to hunt. The same with men.

A man who can afford the expenses of flying from the UK to Nigeria for sex would do it as if he would never turn to another woman for sex.

Sex drives men to do what seems like the impossible and such turns women around and they start acting weird.

Sex and love are not on the same page even in the dictionary.

People can abandon their gold mines and dig the grave for sex.

Most young men do terrible things just to have the resources to keep many girls in their life.

You may think they are working hard to live well in the future but they are just living for fun and that is all.

Students are now living together like husbands and wives, and our society calls it love. What kind of people do these students become when they leave school?

This is why we have a lot of frustrated graduates than nation-building graduates.

Today, a 16-year-old girl is already into sex. She wants to wear everything on trend. She is already a prostitute in the sense that any man that comes her way for relationship must show some signs of money and she would respond to him.

The funny thing is this, almost all those girls that have become sex symbols end up in a deep mess. How many of them today is changing the world they are into?

What kind of spirit would they do well within life? They have sold their souls out to sex.

They pride on what they wear and hotels they go to. That is their biggest achievement. The girls they called cowards are setting up economic empires.

Their future is already exhausted when they come to their true senses?

Advice to my beloved brothers and sisters:

For men; never allow your erection today to destroy your future directions, stay positive.

My sisters, all that glitters is not gold, make your future bright and it start today.

This is why many girls are not married yet their spiritual composition is already shattered and imbalanced, because they have mingled their souls with that of different men.


know today that there is a definite proportion of your virtue that leaves you each time a man enters into you and when that man leaves you, he leaves with it.

Just imagine how much of yourself would be lost each time a man enters into you without any properly

signed marriage bond or contract.

whenever sex is mentioned, then people get offended and begin to murmur and make negative comments about it.

Yet those people are the very personalities living in one sexual sin or the other.

There is no way any holiness preacher can preach true holiness to God’s satisfaction without teaching the pew about their sexuality, the careless use of sex, and the dangers involved and assume all will be well.

People need to be enlightened about the sin that has dominated the age. The sin that has captured the youths and both the married  in the church, the sin that has brought teenage pregnancies and abortions.

There is something both the aged and the infant do not know anything about. The church also has closed her eyes on this particular issue. Nobody wants to talk about it but it is very real.

In case you are not aware my brethren, I want to tell you that: SEXUAL IMMORALITY is the last bullet the kingdom of darkness has thrown against the church of God, and the church is wounded very sore that there seems to be no cure or remedy.

I want to make it so clear and not in jargons or vocabularies that, you cannot count the number of people who go to church and proclaim the name of God, that are still living in immorality.

They may either be suffering from lust, masturbation, pornography, adultery, incest, homosexual, lesbianism, sodomy, bestiality and many more which time will fail me to mention.

Hardly will you come across a young lady who has not been misused by ‘so called boyfriends’. And every guy is now dating because of sex.

God is watching all those that are having sex with people they haven’t married.

It’s a headache for God seeing his own created people perishing in a sin called sexual immorality.

How many young men today in the church can you count and point fingers at that fornication has not pulled down?

If sex that is only legalized between a man and his wife, is now between a guy and his girlfriend or between a man and his fiancee, do you need angels to come and sound the warning against sexual immorality?

If sex that is a sacred thing in marriage has become a desecrated thing in dating, what else do you want before you prepare the way of the Lord?


Cry aloud, spare not. And tell the house of Jacob their sins, and Israel their transgressions. Pastor why are you not crying aloud? Why are you so mute like ELI?

Heaven is shedding tears over the perishing souls every day and you are there raising funds every Sunday to build bigger Auditorium.

You call your members for anointing services and prayer meetings without urging sin out of them.

Some are living together with men that did not pay any dowry on them. Some commit abortion and cover it up. Some are lesbians and homosexuals. What are you doing about that?

Where has the word of God that says “flee fornication” gone to in your Bible? From henceforth, if you don’t take this warning and start declaring war against this strange spirit that has taken over the church, you’ll have questions to answer.


And those who claim they love holiness messages with negligence to this particular truth about sex have actually missed the mark.


To be active in church and still be committing immorality, still having a boyfriend or girlfriend, is totally against God’s plan and purpose for your life. REMEMBER THAT TO WHOM BRAIN IS GIVEN SENSE IS REQUIRED

All you need is genuine repentance.

Without holiness struggle continues

Remain blessed




Welcome to the world today! Where SEX is free and LOVE is expensive. Where losing a phone is more painful than losing your virginity. Where modernization means nudity, profanity, and if you don’t drink/smoke dope you’re out of fashion/style. Where boys stay boys and never want to become men, and girls become men to rule over them.

Where if you don’t fool your partner it’s because you’re not clever enough. Where the bathrooms have become photography studios. Where pizza delivery is faster than the emergency response. Where people fear the thieves and the terrorists more than God. Where Worshipping God is difficult. Where CHURCHES turn into DATING OR SOCIAL CLUBS. Where lies become realities.

Where the ladies fear pregnancy more than H.I.V., and babies are murdered so the ladies can escape. Where people become toxic when they speak the truth or you’re resisting to turn from what is actually toxic. Where perspectives and clothes decide the value of a person. Where money is more important than family and God. Where children are ready to leave their families for their love of the moment, rebellion and spite.

Where the marriage covenant is no longer sacred or taken seriously. Where it’s easier to play house than to build a home. Where jumping from partner to partner for sex or attention is easier than waiting for the right partner for life.

Where love is a game.

Where evil no longer exists.

Whoever plays with the mind always gets happiness and who plays with the heart always hurts.

Modernity, love and liquid education…

The new generation of humanity.

2 Timothy 3: 1-4

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,

Matthew 24:12-13

Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of many will grow cold,  but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

There’s still hope in Jesus, it’s not too late

Photography by Nastya Melnikova



Fellow Citizens,

On Saturday, February 16, 2019, you will, once again, be called upon to choose the leaders who will pilot the affairs of our great nation for the next four years. This is a constitutional right which should be freely exercised by all eligible voters.

  1.     I wish therefore to start by assuring all Nigerians that this Government will do its very best to ensure that the 2019 elections take place in a secure and peaceful atmosphere.

  2.     It was indeed such free, fair and peaceful elections that made it possible for our Government to emerge, despite the fact that we were contesting against a long-standing incumbent party.

  3.     And as your president and a fellow Nigerian, I ask that you come out and queue to fulfill this important obligation you have to yourselves and your fellow citizens – and to our common future.

  4.     Let me at this point, reaffirm the commitment of the Federal Government to the conduct of free and fair elections in a safe and peaceful atmosphere. Just yesterday, I signed the Peace Accord alongside 72 other presidential candidates.

  5.     I want to assure all Nigerians, the diplomatic community and all foreign election observers of their safety and full protection. Any comments or threats of intimidation from any source do not represent the position of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

  6.     As Government has a critical role in maintaining the democratic traditions, so do citizens. I therefore urge you all, as good Nigerians, to take a personal interest in promoting and maintaining peace in your respective neighbourhoods during the elections. This is certainly not a time to allow personal, religious, sectional or party interests to drive us to desperation.

  7.     At this point, I want to make a special appeal to our youth: Do not allow yourselves to be used to cause violence and destruction. The people who want to incite you are those preparing the ground for discrediting the elections. Having lost the argument, they fear losing the elections.

  8.     When you elected me in 2015, it was essentially in consequence of my promise of CHANGE. We committed ourselves to improving security across the country, putting the economy on a sound footing and tackling rampant corruption, which had in many ways become a serious drawback to national development.

  9.   Our Government spent the last 3 years and 9 months striving faithfully to keep this promise, in spite of very serious revenue shortages caused mainly by a sharp drop in international oil prices and an unexpected rise in the vandalisation of oil installations, which, mercifully have now been curtailed.

  10.   We nevertheless pressed on in our quest to diversify the economy, create jobs, reduce commodity prices and generally improve the standard of living among our people.

  11.   The damage that insecurity and corruption have done, over time, to our collective livelihood is incalculable. However, it is pleasing to note that our frontal attack on these twin evils is gaining momentum and bringing about visible progress.

  12.   The recovery of the economy from recession is complete and Nigeria is back on the path of steady growth.

  13.   The key to creating more jobs lies in accelerating this momentum of economic growth. Happily, we have succeeded in making the fundamental changes necessary for this acceleration, and we are now beginning to see the efforts bearing fruit.

  14.   Our ease of doing business policies and programmes are already impacting medium, small and micro industries, as well as Manufacturing, Mining and Agriculture, among other key sectors.

  15.   Our commitment to critical infrastructure – that is Roads, Rails, Bridges, Airports and Seaports – will create more jobs, improving the efficiency and competitiveness of our industries.

  16.   Many of these projects are at different stages of completion, and those who use them regularly will attest to the fact that even while construction is ongoing, they are beginning to see reduced travel times. This will ultimately translate to reduced costs and greater convenience, making transportation, and business in particular, much easier.

  17. The economic recovery that we promised is well underway, as demonstrated by the recently released statistics. In 2018, the economy grew by 1.93%, with the Fourth Quarter growth being 2.38%, up from 1.81% in the Third Quarter.

  18.   Remarkably, the strong economic performance was driven by the Non-Oil sector, which grew at 2% as at full year. Indeed, Non-Oil growth rose to 2.7% in the Fourth Quarter of 2018, up from 2.32% in the Third Quarter. These results further underscore our commitment to diversifying the economy away from the past dependence on Oil.

  19.   Other indicators confirm the economy’s steady recovery. Our monthly food import bill has declined from $664 million in January 2015 to $160 million as at October 2018. Inflation fell from 18.72%  in January 2017 to 11.44% in December 2018. Our External Reserves have risen from $23 billion in October 2016 to $43.12 billion as at 7th February 2019.

  20.   Now that the recession is well behind us, our next task is to redouble our efforts, accelerate the growth and use it to create even more jobs for our people.

  21.   The Executive Orders, No. 5, and No. 7 issued by me, and the recently approved National Infrastructure Maintenance Policy demonstrate our commitment to accelerated job creation and infrastructure development.

  22.   We believe that Governments cannot simply proclaim jobs into existence. Job creation will only expand as a result of economic policies that enable the private sector to flourish, and this is the approach our Administration has taken.

  23.   Executive Order No 5, which Promotes Nigerian Content in Contracts, as well as Science, Engineering and Technology, will preserve and prioritize job creation for our citizens.

  24.   Executive Order 7, on the Road Infrastructure Development and Refurbishment Investment Tax Credit Scheme, seeks to mobilize private capital and capacity for infrastructure development.

  25.   It responds to the demands of manufacturing and industrial complexes which wish to construct access roads without waiting for government, so long as they are allowed to recover the cost from taxes they would have paid to government.

  26.   We expect that this approach will boost industrial expansion and rural development, consequently creating more jobs for our people.

  27.   Similarly, our recently issued Maintenance Policy targets artisans, carpenters, welders, tailors, painters, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, landscapers and many more Ordinary Nigerians at the base of our economic pyramid who will get regular and large-scale opportunities to improve themselves.

  28.   It is an economic solution that also brings the relevant artisans and professionals into long term sustainable employment to maintain our Schools, Court Rooms, Hospitals, Police Stations, Federal Secretariats and other Public Buildings.

  29.   Human Capital Development has also been a key priority for this Administration, which has increased investments in health and education. Innovative measures have been introduced to complement the traditional budgetary allocations to the relevant Ministries.

  30.   For instance, Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority has invested US$21 million in three healthcare projects as a Public Private Partnership with three Federal medical institutions. These include two modern Medical Diagnostic Centres located at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano and the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia; as well as one outpatient Cancer Treatment Centre in Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos – which I commissioned on 9th February 2019.

  31.   Of course, our radical commitment to developing Critical Infrastructure is the foundation upon which we will deliver an all embracing national prosperity and a shared commonwealth.

  32.   There is no country that aspires to greatness without spending massively on its Critical Infrastructure. Rather than the discredited policy of ‘stomach infrastructure’, which could only benefit a few for a little while, we are focused on real infrastructural development for the growth of our economy and the long-term benefit of all Nigerians.

  33.   When you voted for our message of CHANGE, you invited us to assume office and depart from that bad and most regrettable choice. We have responded by making a choice for real infrastructure of Roads in every State, Housing in 34 States, Power Stations across Nigeria, Rail from Lagos to Kano.

  34.   The choice that now confronts us is whether we want to continue with real infrastructure development, which is the road to prosperity and jobs or return to the era of ‘stomach infrastructure’.

  35.   Agricultural Self-Reliance and Food Security is also a choice we made in fulfilment of your mandate for change.

  36.   Our Presidential Fertiliser Initiative has resulted in savings of US$150 million in foreign exchange due to local sourcing of inputs at 16 Blending Plants. It has also conserved N60 billion in Subsidies as well as supported tens of thousands of farmers and agro-dealers nationwide.

  37.   Our Anchor Borrowers’ Programme has substantially raised local rice yields from as low as two Metric Tonnes per hectare, to as high as eight Metric Tonnes per hectare.

  38.   Through this programme, the Central Bank of Nigeria has cumulatively lent over N120 billion to over 720,000 smallholder farmers cultivating 12 commodities across the 36 States and Abuja. Targeted crops and livestock have included cattle, poultry, fish, cassava, soybeans, ground nut, ginger, sorghum, rice, wheat, cotton and maize.

  39.   As a result, we have seen a remarkable rise in the production of key agricultural commodities. I am pleased to note that in major departmental stores and local markets, there has been a surge in the supply of high quality Nigerian agricultural produce.

  40.   Behind each of these products, are thousands of industrious Nigerians working in factories and farms across the nation. Our interventions have led to improved wealth and job creation for these Nigerians, particularly in our rural communities.

  41.   Again, these outcomes have been a major departure from the previous focus on consuming imported food items, which literally exported our children’s jobs to food-exporting nations, whilst depleting our precious foreign exchange reserves. This, of course, caused a closure of our factories while keeping open other peoples’ factories.

  42.   The choice made by this Administration to assist farmers directly and promote agriculture in every way possible has gone a long way to enhance our food security while enabling us to tackle poverty by feeding over nine million children daily under our Home-Grown School Feeding Programme. It also puts us clearly on the road to becoming a food secure and agriculture exporting nation.

  43.   Next to Agriculture, we are focusing on Manufacturing Sector. The Purchasing Managers Index, which is the measure of manufacturing activities in an economy has risen for 22 consecutive months as at January this year, indicating continuous growth and expansion in our manufacturing sector.

  44.   I will conclude by going back to where I started: that our choices have had consequences about employment and cost of living.

  45.   In making your choice this time, please ask yourself whether, and in what ways, others will do anything different to address the issues of Agriculture, Infrastructure, Security, Good Governance and Fighting Corruption.

  46.   If they are only hoping to do what we are already doing successfully, we are clearly your preferred choice.

  47.   Think carefully and choose wisely. This time, it is a choice about consolidating on growth for Jobs and Prosperity.

  48.   February 16th is all about a choice. But it is more than a choice between APC and the opposition. It is a choice about you, it is a choice between going back or keeping the momentum of CHANGE.

  49.   The road to greater prosperity for Nigeria may be long, but what you can be assured of is a Leadership that is not prepared to sacrifice the future well-being of Nigerians for our own personal or material needs. You can be assured of my commitment to remain focused on working to improve the lives of all Nigerians.

  50.   Thank you very much for listening. God bless you, and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.



David in the Bible was ordained king of Israel to take over from Saul. But it took David time to get to the throne even though he was bearing the oil of kingship.

David fought Goliath who was oppressing his people not as a king but as a boy bearing the mantle of kingship but he never fought the leadership of Saul.

Did David become king by fighting the existing leadership of Saul? The answer is no.

Did David rebelliously turn any one’s heart against Saul?  No…

Absalom that turned the heart of the people against his father rebelliously ended up foolishly. The heavens rejected him and earth rejected him. His body was suspended between heaven and earth because the seed of rebellion is a very bad one.

Did he get every opportunity to kill Saul and fight him?  Yes but he said I won’t lay my hands on God’s anointed.

God is not a fool to had allow president buhari to become president in times like this. The bitter truth is that God gives leaders to nations according to his own will. Even though his government has favoured those it favoured and wronged many but the truth remains that there is nothing that is happening right now in Nigeria that God is not aware of.

If God wants Nigeria to sink right now, it won’t take him 1 minute. But if Nigeria is still standing then don’t allow anyone to deceive you because Gods interest is still in this country.

To our people who are agitating for biafra, it’s a good thing and I want it to come but not with violence.

Blackmailing the existing leadership, presenting yourself to be the angel of light and turning the heart of the youths against him and asking them not to vote wasn’t an option. All these is a sign of rebellion. This is where Nnamdi kanu got it all wrong.  But nevertheless,  let’s all ask ourselves where will violence lead us to?

What will happen to those who lost their lives because their hearts were turned against Nigeria.

Call it zoo, call us animals, the truth remains that Nigeria will stand until God says otherwise.

Don’t be fooled again, say not to violence,  don’t allow anyone to use you and dumb you. One thing I know is that a new Nigeria is about to emerge.

Biafra will come not like this but in its God as God permits. But for now….  Nigeria we know.

God bless the federal Republic of Nigeria….

(Dr Chinomso Jude Nwala)


By: Abiodun Jemilehun


Those who claim they have now become Christ by reason of their faith are quick to quote Obadiah 1:21 to support their claim

“And saviors shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mountains of Esau, and the kingdom shall be the LORD’S.” (Obadiah 1:21)

A closer look at the book of Obadiah, however, shows this is another clear case of scriptural misinterpretation engendered by a violation of the historical-grammatical principle of biblical interpretation.

Historically, the book of Obadiah is a prophecy about the impending judgment of God on the Edomites (children of Esau) because of their cruelty towards the children of Israel.

Verses 1 and 10 of the one-chaptered book clearly show this. It is not a prophecy about the Church.

“The vision of Obadiah. Thus says the Lord GOD concerning Edom; We have heard a message from the LORD, and an ambassador is sent among the nations, Arise you, and let us rise up against her in battle.” (Obadiah 1:1)

“For your violence against your brother Jacob shame shall cover you, and you shall be cut off forever.” (Obadiah 1:10)

Grammatically, the word SAVIOUR in verse 21 of Obadiah in the KJV Bible was translated from the Hebrew word yâsha.

Yasha means “to be saved”, “to be delivered” or “to be liberated”. In essence, it is better to translate yasha to SURVIVORS rather than SAVIOURS in this Bible verse. So, we see this is a mistranslation in the KJV and some older English versions of the Bible. Several newer English translations of the Bible have now corrected this error as we can see in the four examples cited below.

“The victorious men of Jerusalem will attack Edom and rule over it. And the LORD himself will be King.” (Obadiah 1:21 GNB)

“Those who have been delivered will go up on Mount Zion in order to rule over Esau’s mountain. Then the LORD will reign as King!” (Obadiah 1:21;NET)

“And those who have been kept safe will come up from Mount Zion to be judges of the mountain of Esau, and the kingdom will be the Lord’s.”

(Obadiah 1:21;BBE)

“Those who have been saved will go up on Mount Zion to judge the mountains of Esau, and the kingdom will be the LORD’s.” (Obadiah 1:21;NHEB)

What exactly is Obadiah 1:21 saying? This scripture is essentially a prophecy about the future survivors of the Jewish Babylonian exile who would return to build Jerusalem and rule over the children of Esau.

Historically, this prophecy was partly fulfilled in the post-exilic returnees like Zerubbabel, Ezra, Nehemiah and all the other unnamed people who rebuilt Jerusalem and Judah.

It was fulfilled in full in the Maccabees, the Hasmonean family of priests, who joined the priesthood to the state and literally ruled over Edom (the children of Esau).

The Hasmonean priests led a revolt of the Jews against their Greek colonial masters (the Seleucids) and ruled Judea semi-autonomously between 140 and 116 BCE.

From 110 BCE, the Hasmoneans ruled Judea (Judah) and the neighboring regions of Samaria, Galilee, Iturea, Perea, and Idumea (Edom, the children of Esau) independently until 63 BCE when the Romans, led by General Pompe, invaded Judea and ended their independent reign over Isreal and the surrounding nations.

So, we see this prophecy has been literally fulfilled.

Like I mentioned earlier, this pernicious doctrine is premised upon a crop of poorly interpreted scriptural passages. It can not stand the scrutiny of sound biblical exegesis.

Take each of the scriptures the doctrine is premised upon one by one and subject them to thorough biblical exegesis, the doctrine won’t have any scriptural foundation to stand upon.

Let the reader be advised.