Dr Chinomso Jude Nwala

PLEASE KEEP MY SHIRT CLEAN – Two guys were drinking in a bar while drinking they started arguing, one guy pounce on his friend and started beating him. After a long beating he realised that his friend was no longer breathing, he is dead!!!!!.

Then the guy started running with his shirt full of blood. Those who were watching the fight started chasing him. He ran to the house of a Christian man, knocked and said,

“Can you please hide me, i have killed a person and people are chasing me.”

The Christian man replied, “Where am i going to hide you in my one room apartment?”

The muderer said “There is no time to waste here, just think of anywhere you can hide me.”

After a long thinking, the Christian man said to the murderer, “Give me your shirt and take my shirt but REMEMBER TO KEEP MY SHIRT CLEAN”

They exchanged their shirts. Then as soon as the Christian man opened the door, people started beating him and was badly injured that he was taken to the police station.

From police station, the case was taken to court and the man was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to death.

The real murderer was safe at home but was feeling so guilty that he ran to the Court and said,

“Can you please release that innocent man, am the real murderer”.

The judge replied “unfortunately it’s too late, the man is already hanged at last”.

He ran to the police where the man washanged and for sure he found him dead hanging.

He knelt down and cried his eyes out and said to himself, ” You paid for my crime”

He remembered the Christian’s last words: “KEEP MY SHIRT CLEAN !!!” That’s how the murderer repented and became a christian!

This is what Jesus did for us. He died for the crime he did not commit on the cross of Calvary. ‬he was arrested for you, he was whipped for you, he was spit on for you, he was slain for you, he was humiliated for you, he was nailed on the cross for you, he died for a crime he knew nothing about…. Jesus wants you to keep his shirt clean. Please keep my shirt clean.


By: Uduak Utin


In a world where varieties and options are in abundance. It will do you no good, if what sums up as your conviction is superficial because sooner than expected, frustration will come knocking.

You see, Life will always test the true state of your heart. As much as it is easy to discard a cloth you’ve lost taste for maybe because it got torn or the colour got worn, It’s not that way when choosing a partner. Disaster awaits you if you resort to this approach.

I visited a shop in search of a dress and behold, they had varieties in stock. I was so confused on which to purchase. They all caught my attention. But I had to stick to what I wanted. How was i able to do that? INTENTIONALITY

Intentionality is key: Life will always test the very core of our thoughts. Knowing exactly what you want will save you some heartaches.

Before I got to the shop, my resolve was to get a dress, although I never knew which colour I’ll chose but it was clear that it is either a dress or a dress.

That’s why it is expedient you resolve from within who you can spend the rest of your life with and who is a NO, NO.

I believe you are aware that people will always flaunt their best but you’ve got to know what you want and be Intentional about it.

To be Intentional means: You must have control over your choices.

Even when life test you to act otherwise, you’re guided by your “why”. Your reasons are the core for your actions.





By: Theophilus Izobofolo


When younger we make various choices without the future in mind. Sometimes those choices bite us in our mid-life. These are some of the things one might regret when they’re older.

  1. Marrying the wrong person: When you’re young, check your motives for marrying. Don’t marry to copy your peers, or for social standing or out of pressure. Marry for love and companionship, marry the right person, marry your best friend. For if you marry the wrong person or for the wrong reasons, you will have to put up with that person the rest of your life. Things might get worse between you two; then depression, physical abuse, affairs, pain, shame, court cases, bitterness will define your mid-life years all because you chose the wrong one. Things will get worse when children are involved. Make the right choice of a spouse when you are young.
  2. The opportunities you did not seize: When you are younger many doors will open, you will get many chances. Many young people let these opportunities go because of fear, laziness, or pride; yet well younger and with more energy is the best time to start a venture and a name for yourself. Some think the opportunities are too big for them. Take advantage of them or one day when you’re older you will want to go back and grab those missed chances.
  3. The bridges you burned: When we are younger, we care little for relationships, what most think about is getting money and moving up the ladder of success at all cost. Many use and trample on people to progress, they take relationships for granted, messing up bonds, sleeping with people for personal gain. But these bad actions will catch up with you ahead. When you will realize how empty life is without love and friends. When you will have success but no one around you or no one to trust you.
  4. The child you aborted: You are a young lady, you get pregnant and you are scared. You take the aborting option quickly thinking of that moment then. But when you are much older, you will look back and wish you kept that baby. When you will be rich and successful you will wish that child you gave up on would be around to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Being a single mother doesn’t mean you can’t make it in life or you can’t find a man in future.
  5. The child you rejected: Young man, you impregnated a woman, she told you she’s pregnant with your child. You rejected her and the baby and ran. But years later when you’re 50 something, you will wish you were responsible, you will wish you manned up and became a father to that child. You will see that child excel and become an adult but will have no claim to that grown child who you rejected from the beginning. You will regret being a Dead Beat Dad by choice
  6. The marriage you destroyed: So you get married to your good fiance; the first months in marriage were good but shortly after, with your money and charm, you started having affairs. You became unfaithful. Your spouse begged you to stop, your children started hurting, your marriage was collapsing. One day when you are older, it will hit you how foolish you were to destroy the good marriage you had began to build for mere temporary thrills in affairs that did you no good. You will realize the damage you caused to your children and spouse.
  7. The God you disowned: When you are much older you become wiser, God becomes more real as you see life in a more meaningful way. But don’t wait to get older to start enjoying a relationship with God. Know God when you are young, build your future with God. Don’t be a young rebel who runs back to God when age catches up.
  8. The body you messed up: You have only one body to live with all your life. The cigarettes, the alcohol you are abusing, the drugs you are taking, the unhealthy food you’re consuming; all that will destroy you slowly. When you are 50 and lifestyle diseases catch up with you, you will wish you took care of your body when younger, that you exercised more; but now the damage is done.
  9. The time you wasted: The time you are wasting when younger in worry, wrong relationships, laziness, being a couch potato, giving excuses and pursuing meaningless things; you will never get it back.
  10. The dreams and talents you shelved: Are you talented when young; are there things you love to do and you are good at them? Nurture those talents, exploit them, don’t give up even if you encounter set backs, don’t give up on your dreams. If you give up, when you’re older you will look at your peers who stuck to what they love and made it and think to self, “That could have been me”. Pursue a career, study a course you love. Don’t waste years of your life in a field that doesn’t fulfill you.
  11. The name you defamed: When you are older, a legacy is very important, the value of your name is crucial. You will ask yourself what is your reputation, what are you leaving behind? Your legacy is a sum total of your actions since youthful days. We write our biography by how we live life everyday. When you look back your path and you see the mud you threw at your own name, the shame you attracted and the little value you have added to the world; you will regret.
  12. The wealth you threw away: Are you riding on good money during your productive years? Earning good money? Don’t throw away that money in clubs, reckless living and wasteful shopping. Invest with that money, widen your revenue stream, make that money work for you and keep it safe to take care of you in your older years. Leave an inheritance for your loved ones so that you will never say “I wish I knew better”
  13. The good love that got away: Is there that great person in your life loving you good? Don’t push that person away, or else that person will walk out your life and you will never ever find someone that incredible and who connects with you all your life. It will torment you to grow older with thoughts of “What if I was still with that person?”
  14. The parents you despised: When younger, it is easy to show contempt to your parents; what do your parent’s know? They are old-fashioned, shady and small -minded. But your parents are still your parents whether you agree with them or not, whatever their style. Don’t let your parent die or age separated from you, reconcile and make up. When you get older, you will realize why your parents wanted to be close to you. The older you get, the more you see the value.

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To realize the value of a sister/brother ask someone who doesn’t have one.

To realize the value of ten years: ask a newly divorced couple.

To realize the value of four years: ask a graduate.

To realize the value of one year: ask a student who has failed a final exam.

To realize the value of nine months: ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.

To realize the value of one month: ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize the value of one week: ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of one minute: ask a person who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize the value of one second: ask a person who has survived an accident.

Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even more when you share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend or family member: LOSE ONE.


Hold on tight to the ones you love!


Who is a Prosperity Minister?

Who is a Prosperity Minister?

Having explained area issues addressed in the Epistles i would wish to Address a topic mentioned there in. One of the difficult and cunning heretic Message preached today.

Some one said that discernment is not the ability to discern between what is right and wrong. No , Discernment is the ability to discern what is almost right and what is right….

Who is a Prosperity Minister?

Minister who Presents God as a tool through which we can obtain earthly wealth. Here the Man of God is the real star. He positions himself on top of the Ladder.

  1. Basically entice believers to sow seeds into the Ministry promising abundance returns Eph 5:5
  2. The core of his/her message is always God!s desire to bless everyone.
  3. Almost all their teachings focuses on the gratification of the flesh rather than spiritual transformation.
  4. Obedience to God’s command is rarely mentioned as a pre requisite to his blessing…”Utabarikiwa upende husipende”
  5. Positive thinking about one self ones situation is often equated with Faith and is presented as a Means by which one can obtain financial blessing.
  6. Rarely teach about the necessity of suffering in the life of a believer. Phil 1:29
  7. Makes little distinction between God’s children and the unsaved in the positive promise of the message.
  8. Personal wealth of the minister is often far above the average lifestyle of the congregation.

Because of lack of the Spirit of the fear of the Lord today we have Ministers preaching for Money. They are selling annointing oil , David stones , River Jordan water , amulets, handkerciefs, fimbo ya Musa among many others.

We have seen a crop of Ministers including musicians who are just raising money for personal gain.

Many are prophesying for their benefits. Cooking prophecies , telling us who will win world cup etc.

These are frauds. They are no different from Simon the sorcerer who amazed Many in Samaria until Philip showed up into the scene and every one instantly knew simon is a diviner.

You diviners donning pulpits to raise Money by faking miracles and prophesying for your belly your time is over .

Your season is over. Turn to Jesus he is waiting with arms outstretched. The grace is in abundance . Boldly access the throne of grace and obtain mercy.


By: Mr. Theophilus Izobofolo


Money can make a monkey look like a man but money cannot make a monkey behave like a man. So if you are a young lady who goes ahead to marry a monkey for his wealth, bear in mind when the money goes, the monkey remains as it is.

In other words, when you marry a man because of his wealth and in spite of his bad character, bear in mind that the money is temporary. When the money is finished; you have to deal with his real character. Character, they say is like tea bag; its true colours are revealed in hot water.

You get to know the one you are in a relationship with better in bad times; when things are not working for them, when business is slow, when stress knocks them down, when frustration visits them.

The true test of his character is what will keep your marriage. Now that doesn’t come on your best days but on your worst days. You might meet him on his best days when money is not a problem but you will leave on the worst days when money is the problem.

Character is who we are, it is that which informs our behaviours and actions. It is easy to lose money but difficult to lose one’s character. Don’t love a man because of his wealth, love him for who he is, which is his character, his personality. Wealth or money should be the bonus or secondary, not primary.

The best comparison for character is a photograph. Photos don’t change even when the person in it changes. A man’s character doesn’t change when his status changes. A man’s character doesn’t change when his pocket changes.

Truth be told, a man is not rich because of his wealth or money, a man is rich by the things that he has and money cannot buy. A man is rich by his integrity. His love for God and that for you. A man is rich in knowledge not in properties.

A man is rich by the way his spends his time with God and you. Time is one thing you can never get back when you lose it. If out of his busy schedules, he made time for God, his Creator and you his lover, such man is rich. He is rich if he respects you, even in your absence.

Rich guys, handsome men are everywhere; but those rich in heart, men with beautiful minds are really hard to find. Just as the saying goes “not all that glitters is gold”. Sometimes the rich men are found without wealth.

If you are a young lady thinking of a successful marriage and future, your goal is to live rich and make your union richer, not to get rich. For you can get a rich partner with a poor heart. A heartless man who treats you poorly.

He can be rich, prayerful and keep up a holy appearance as if he is the most God fearing person on earth, but if he treat you bad or has a bad behaviour, he is not someone you have to settle down with.


Women’s Misconception About Weddings And Marriage