By: Theophilus Izobofolo

SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN NIGERIA MUSIC & MOVIE INDUSTRIES, TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS AND CHURCHES – These are some of the substances some Nigerian youths take before they come on stage, even some Christian Musicians and some pastors are into it…

When you see them shout, jump and scream, you will say wow this one is highly talented but you won’t know that their inspirations and strength to perform comes from these hard drugs. It can’t be from God because light and darkness has nothing in common.

  • Codeine
  • Tramadol
  • 10 days old urine
  • Dry pawpaw leaves
  • Hypo in lacasera
  • Tom Tom in lacasera
  • Burnt bitumen
  • Dry plantain leaves
  • Burnt tyres
  • Spirogyra
  • Rephnol
  • Methylated spirit in codeine
  • Cannabis, ganja, Igbo, Weed
  • Gum
  • Lizard poo

They cause Cancer, kidney failure and other deadly diseases. You want to be like davido? You like the way some pastors use to jump on stage and shout, my brother not all jumping and shouting you see come from a natural strength. Some came through the power of hard drugs…


Remember that the federal ministry of health warns that smokers are liable to die young. Don’t forget that… Quit it now or die soon.

Please the strive for success is not dependant on your artificial and temporal strength, every negative meanse of short cuts produce temporal fulfillments and unbridled comforts.

As parents, if you see you daughter or son behaving strangely and suddenly hyperactive, know they are under the influence of drugs.

Undergraduates and students in school have been reported of practising drugs and substance abuse. If this practise continues, oir society, schools, churches, homes, workplace and even governance will be taking over by this satanic end time harrow.

We are calling on all parents, religious leaders, school teachers, corporate heads, community leaders and the government should ensure to fight this in Nigeria…it is now a public affair, soon it will become endemic.

These are signs of the end time, let’s medically educate the masses and prayerfully fight is spiritually.

Methylated Spirit And Coke, Is The ‘New Wave’ Among Nigerian Youths


By: Abigayle Mutua


I would like to start off by saying that I have always had spiritual fathers since I can remember. There have consistently been older men in my life that have provided deep love and relationship, correction, encouragement, and accountability in every season of my life and ministry. I am currently being spiritually fathered and I greatly honor and value spiritual fathers everywhere.

However, the Spirit of God has recently revealed to me a modern day idol being erected in the body of Christ and it has specifically revealed itself to me as, “The idol of spiritual fathering”. In other words, I believe we are watching a totally twisted, unhealthy, and perverted need for a spiritual father rising in this generation. Young and old by the thousands are attempting to find their worth, value, and significance from being connected to a spiritual father rather than knowing and understanding God THE Father. Their ambition and motives are totally impure and polluted.

One of the truths I have learned over the years is that the primary role of true spiritual fathers is to introduce you to God YOUR Father. True spiritual fathers do not make you dependent upon themselves and are actually more concerned about you learning how to let GOD call you son or daughter rather than them calling you son/daughter and truth be told- in most of these cases, they really don’t know you and you don’t know them! Can the so called “spiritual fathers” just stop already with all the “son and daughter” lingo when the truth is all that means is they pay you a monthly fee so you and them can feel mutually validated by one another? It’s sickening really!

I believe God is about to set a generation free from the idolatry of “spiritual fathering”. You will see true spiritual fathers rise that actually carry a revelation of the Fatherhood of God and they will give it away for FREE. There will be no charge to learn and grow from them as they freely give away what has been given to them.

God recently said to me, “Why are so many of these people more comfortable being called a “son” or “daughter” by someone claiming to be an apostle than actually allowing ME to call them “son” or “daughter”? He went on, “Why do so many of these men allow others to call them “spiritual father” when they know nothing of me as their “father”? They are a bunch of orphans running around creating orphanages and charging orphans to get in!”

The idolatry of spiritual fathering is going to fall before our eyes. We have turned it into a god. It’s perverted, twisted, sick, and needs to be repented of. It’s time to knock off the shenanigans in this generation. Let’s stop calling some leader “dad” and “father” because being connected to them makes us feel important. We should just save our money and get to know God as Father. Let’s stop calling them our “son” and “daughter” when we truthfully don’t even know them. True spiritual fathers never seek to find their worth, value, and significance from as many people as they can find to call them “dad”.

It’s time for massive repentance from the idolatry of spiritual fathering. Reformation is upon us all!

Reference: Jeremiah Johnson and Benjamin Njatha


By: Charles Awuzie

There’s NO human being alive today who hasn’t experienced one or all of the following…

Eating in the dream.
Sex in the dream.
Running from danger in the dream.

Prophets, Apostles, Atheists, Muslims, Boko Haramists, Buharists, Trumpists, Tithers, non tithers, delivered and non delivered – all will experience such dreams from time to time while they still have flesh and blood despite race or gender, religion or political affiliation, rich or poor.. Such dreams are not peculiar to you. We all experience them from time to time…Religion not withstanding…

Don’t let what you see in your dreams control your reality.

So you had sex in your dreams and now you feel dirty? Beloved, You are not dirty. Jesus washed you once and for all with His Blood. You are washed and cleansed eternally. The blood of Jesus Christ is not a dish washing liquid. No. The blood of Jesus Christ has an eternal cleansing effect on us. You are cleaner than your mind can ever imagine. The greatest revelation you can ever have is to see how clean you are in Christ. Sex in the dream is just a dream, not your reality. When you wake up from that dream, just smile and say “Thank You Jesus because I know and understand Your Sacrifice for my Salvation. It wasn’t a temporary sacrifice. It was a permanent sacrifice. I am eternally saved. My dreams can’t stain me because your blood is more powerful than my dreams”. Then go ahead and enjoy your day.

Don’t let your dreams control your reality… Will you burn your old house in reality because you dreamt where you won $1Billion? Let me make you laugh with a true life story 😁… I know a girl who saw herself wedding JayZ in her dream, she woke up from the dream and broke up with her boyfriend…she believes firmly that God communicates with her through her dreams and hence she is holding on firmly to what she saw in the dream. She’s in her early 20s and I told her to wake up to reality. In reality, she might never touch JayZ until Jesus comes.

How many of you have made conclusive decisions in real world based on mere dreams?  You saw your spouse cheating on you in the dream and now you conclude they are cheating in life. You saw Papa Idahosa pouring oil on your head in the dream and now you believe that you are more anointed than even the Holy Spirit. Whatever happened in the dream should remain in the dream. This is real world. The real world is a direct opposite of the dream world. Wake up from your sleep. Wash your face. Search the scriptures. Does the written word of God validate your dream? If yes, praise the Lord. If no, trash the dream.

Sex in the dream only worries babies. Eating in the dream only scares unbelievers in the finished work of Christ. Running from danger in the dream doesn’t frighten the believer who knows that they are eternally secured in Christ Jesus.

When you dream, just smile and say “Thank You Jesus because I am saved”. No big deal. Don’t call prophets to bind and lose.

There’s NO human being alive today who hasn’t experienced such dreams – it’s generic.

Religion won’t let the bishops admit this truth because religion demonized such dreams. ~ Charles Awuzie



BREADTH of MIND (Consistency) Part 1

By: Gift Tarupiwa

BREADTH of MIND (Consistency) Part 1

At the point of understanding time’s pivotal role in the incubation period of every egg of effort, one can give time the responsibility to produce the anticipated outcome.

Now to help someone easily comprehend this, am going to use an illustration which I believe everyone out there will quickly grasp it’s relevant significance.

As i was urgently in need of some boiling water this other day, I placed a pot with cold water on one of the plates of an electric stove and turned it on to it’s maximum heating point.

Since i could hardly wait for it to boil, i decided to just stand by the stove keeping an eye on the proceedings.

Well before I knew it, I began to hear a faint hissing sound coming from the pot, which was later joined by a few bubbles emerging on the inner surface of the pot.

In the quest for checking the water’s temperature I placed my hands on the outer walls of the pot and felt some change, it was a bit warm now!

Since this was on a cold winter morning, i couldn’t remove my hands there as i had found a source of some greatly appreciated heat.

At this point in time, the hissing sound faded out as the bubbles grew bigger and began to continuously rise up slowly to the top.

Before I knew it, the temperature of the pot’s wall had rapidly increased, forcing me to take my hands off.

This juncture saw a hot steam emerging from the water and in no time it finally reached it’s boiling point.

Now this experience brought me to the understanding of the significance of consistency in the working out of any life goal.

In as much as heat was the major participant in the process of boiling the water, there also had to be a consistent and constant contact between the hot plate and the pot’s bottom surface for the heat to affect the water’s temperature.

Whenever efforts towards the accomplishment of certain things are made consistently, positive results are inevitably evident.

Great achievements are just but a collection of small efforts made over a period of time with consistency.

Since patience is of an essential vitality in one’s journey to their ultimate destiny, it takes a greater breadth of mind to be able to take advantage of the power of consistency and patiently work and wait for the expected results.

When an egg is hatched, it will be carrying some substance of a potential hatchling yet if it won’t be incubated either naturally or artificially thus consistently staying under some warm temperatures for an appropriate time , the hatchling will never become substantial or materialise.

BREADTH of MIND (Consistency)

#CONSISTENCY is the only dependable #RESISTANCE to failure.

Well guess you’ve found this writing so enlightening and educational….

Good day!

BREADTH of MIND (Perception) part 2


DONALD TRUMP SAYS GAY MARRIAGE HAS NO PLACE IN AMERICA – United state has signed an order to restrain American people from marrying the same sex saying its an evil act and against God.

The USA President has declared that America and its people belongs to God.

This however has not been received well with celebrities, politicians and other influential figures who are charging that Donald Trump is violating peoples rights.

His critics who have been painting him that he is not normal say he has gone to the extreme of tempering with people’s rights.

Other sets of influential artist’s like Rihhana, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, JAY-Z Snoop Dog, have described the order as useless.

Donald Trump is one of the richest American President who has delivered on many of his campaign promises such as fighting gay marriages, putting American people first in all employment sector and also directed that only 15% of aid must go to African countries because they don’t know how to manage resources.

Donald J. Trumps Definition of “Shithole”Country, Reveals To The World Civilization Is At Base…Only Cyclical! Say’s Andy Akporugo Jr