by: Izobofolo’s Blog

Folks! There has been a prevailing and reoccurring cases of street attacks, theft, assault and molestations by hudlums in recent times. It has been reported that the perpetrators of this acts are compelled by the situation of the Nigeria economy, and have devised a network of tricks to still from the individual on the street.

Folks! These are some personal security tips to minimise your vulnerability to city theft and miscreants assault or attacks.

1. Avoid boarding a taxi, tricycle or bike from lonely streets, particularly GRA areas.

2. If you visit relations that are wealthy, don’t board commercial transport from the frontage of the house or let the taxi, or bike man recognise the house you visited – you may be selected as a target.

3. Avoid long conversations with the transport operator; you may be elicited and unconsciously provide information that will make you be a target.

4. When the transport operator take an unfamiliar route, call his attention to the routine route, if he declined, indirectly and politely request to alight in a place where there is crowd or significant presence of people.

5. Avoid unnecessary usage of your phone while on board to the extend of exposing your class of phone, tablets, bag or jewelries you are wearing.

6. Avoid confidential conversations while in public transport or areas. You may advertise your vulnerability unconsciously.

7. Avoid boarding any means of public /commercial transport with no distinctive mode of identification e.g registration number.

8. When you noticed any coded communication or signs exchange between the driver and other passengers, tactically alight at any nearest busy place.

9. Always take interest in the registration number of the vehicle, tricycle or chartered transport. If possible send the details of the registration number via SMS to any of your reliable contact during worst case scenarios….In the event you fall victim, remain calm and cooperate with the bad elements to stay safe.

10. When working on the street, always be vigilant of who is spying or walking before and after you. If you are on a quiet street don’t pick calls or stay on the phone for too long. If you must attend  to the phone, use earpiece.

Folks!  Please there is intense hunger on the street, and these migrants are always strategising to take from the rich and the average Nigerian.