By: Abigayle Mutua and Theophilus Izobofolo

Folks! Isn’t it amazing How God knows all your weakness and your Mess that you keep so secret that even your mother and spouse doesn’t know! But despite Knowing them, HE STILL SHOWS YOU GRACE! He still calls you the¬†EXCEPTION!!?

isn’t it just amazing? That If He was anyone else they would use your mess against you! But God in His infinite grace CHOOSES TO COVER IT! Saying come to me as you are, my Grace is sufficient and it will work for you. You will leave different from who you were when you came! Isn’t it just amazing that God wouldn’t use your weakness to blackmail you, like your friend turned foe would!?

We bless the Lord For GRACE! Because you and I haven’t done anything to earn it, yet everyday GOD CHOOSES GRACE FOR US! CELEBRATE GRACE!