Republished by: Izobofolo’s Blog

Folks! there is no shortcut to success. If nothing good comes into you, nothing good will come out of you. Let me illustrate further: enclose a new born baby without sound, emotions, relationship and contact for the first 10 years (only feed the child via a tube or through scientific mechanism other than human presence) – after 10 years try to communicate or associate with the child, he/she cannot respond because the mind, soul and body has not been processed. This is what happens when you don’t improve or develop yourself. When you stop to update your mental will power, you will be outdated. Nothing is impossible – the only impossible things are what you are yet to imagine.

The Secret to un-lishing the possibilities of success is knowledge and practicals. Even the Bible admonished us to study to show ourselves approved as a watchman. Impossibilities strives with ignorance. Wakeup.