By: Izobofolo’s Blog

“It was reported that a Nigerian Police Officer by the name Mr. Fatai Owoseni, resumed work duty and was informed that the young lady with a child in the photo above, stole plantain and was arrested and detained.

Also, it was reported that during the interrogation, she explained to have stolen the plantain because she and her baby were hungry. According to the reporter, Officer Fatai who was not present during the arrest and detention, admonished the lady (the defendant); that her reason for stealing was not a justification, that she could have begged for it or seek for assistance from other people or the kindhearted in the society, as oppose to stealing.

According to the correspondent, Officer Fatai ordered for her release and gave her the sum of N10,000 (less than $50), to get food for herself and baby, and to possibly start some petty business too.”

INDUCTIVE REASONING: with reference to the salvation story above, suffice me to say that this is 1 case out of approximately 10 million single mothers in Nigeria today. The current economy situation is making many people compromise their faith, believes and integrity either deliberately or compelled by hunger – but not justified according to law.

Security agencies should apply wisdom and show empathy for petty cases like this, especially when women are involved.┬áThe plaintiff and the police IPO that processed the arrest and detention of the lady and her daughter lacked wisdom. The questions are; 1. what is the cost of the plantain that propelled the owner to seek formal justics? 2. If the plaintiff is actually a business person, why should he or she waste time prosecuting a helpless single mother with a baby, instead of exploring other peaceful options of settlement or tolerate the injustice? 3. When the case got to the security agency, why did the police IPO handling the case usurp only discipline by detaining the defendant and the innocent child? Yes, it is true we don’t have details of the case, but from all indication the N10,000 salvation gift prove that the plantain will not cost more than N1,000

Folks! This case does not need forensic investigation to analyze the inequalities, the case was first handled by an impatient plaintiff and later judged by an incompetent IPO.

The lessons from this case is that; even if we don’t love ourselves that much, please let start cultivating the act of perseverance and tolerance with one another, especially to women and children in this current economy situation.

Folks: every one have some thing to give, let us show love and care for the less privileged among us. Charity covers multitude of sin.