By: James o. James

There are so many religion here on earth – known and unknown, with different belief. A lot of them believe in war, ritualism, sacrifices etc.
The biggest problem on earth currently is religion, some people have killed in quest of protecting their religion

Some religion believe that extra marital affairs is normal, some believe that sex outside marriage is not wrong, some believe that their sins can be wash with water thus they wash before they pray.

few months back i saw a religious man who just finished fasting and started smoking the next minute, to him it’s normal to smoke even after fasting because their religion approves it.

some people have killed themselves and others because they were told they will be given seventy clean virgins in heaven should they die as religious bombers…religion is a yoke. Some religion believe in charms, hence they can fight their neighbours back with charms if they so desire…Religion is a yoke

But is christianity a religion? Sounds like one, am sorry to disappoint you that christianity is a lifestyle and that lifestyle is the life of Christ. when unbelievers saw the lifestyle of Christ in His followers, they called them christians.

You are either a christian or a religious person. Anyone who doesn’t live like Christ is a religious person. The life of Jesus forbids pre-marital or extra marital sex but religion accepts it. The life of Jesus forbids ritualism but religion accepts it. The life of Jesus forbids ocultism but religion accepts it.

Sin is spiritual hence can only be washed by the blood of Jesus and not by water. Furthermore, anyone who commit suicide either for religious reasons or whatever reason will never enter the kingdom of God

Therefore, If you don’t have the life of Jesus, you are a religious person and your soul is in spiritual chains and only Christ can set you free now, therefore if you can ask Christ to come into your life the yoke of religion will be broken now