I know many of your thoughts and questions after reading this quote and nugget will be; “does it mean we should be heavenly conscious and earthly stupid?” No, even the Lord admonished us to occupy till He comes.
This nugget is simply saying we should allow the pursuit of materialism take the position of God in our lives. Most people still believe that idolatry is the saving of molded image or saving of the sun only. In this last days man has idolize everything (man-made objects and God’s creations); whatever you desire more than God (That replaces God in your life) is an idol. Satan knows that God ate idolatry; hence, he influenced and entices man with materialism to be neither hot nor cold.
Folks! In the midst of your earthly success still put God first, if you have lost your first love, just reconnect with God and confess your sins, confess that He is your Lord and Master, and believe in your heart that he died, was buried and resurrected the third day. Now that you have reconnected, you need to study the word to build your faith and increase your prayer life; on this premise, every other thing shall be added unto you. Congratulations.