By Ena Ofugara

Can we be smart about this for once? Can we use our heads East and South of the River Niger? Can we just play the fool for once and end up
as actually smart?

Buhari is a product of Northern grievance. I have written endlessly on this. The North feels cheated out of power which has led to Boko haram etc. They also believe their backwardness and destruction of their lands and death of their people is the fault of the south. Their warped thinking blames us. The great PDP was sacrificed on the altar of the Northern angst. Muazu that would have inherited the presidency from GEJ sacrificed his “heritage” just to placate his people. GEJ and Abdulsalam and and the the nation’s
power brokers all sat in Aso Rock and made the sacrifice. It is not that they like Buhari or hate GEJ. You saw the welcome of GEJ in Kano.

Today, with all the tension in the land, Yorubas have kept quiet. Now again Igbos are the ones going “live” and rioting to remove Buhari. They are the ones leading “resume or resign”. The Northern clerics and their almajiris are seeing this. They have been listening to Radio Biafra, watching Nnamdi Kanu and now Igbos are BEING USED to fight Buhari… fight the North as they see it. Why cannot some people sit and think???.

Is Falana dead? Has Tunde Bakare become cripple? Has Wole Soyinka returned his Nobel Laureate award? Is Punch and Tribune and all Yoruba papers out of ink? All the Yoruba voices are silent out of tact and brilliance and intellect. But some people think it is their head that should be used to break coconut for Tinubu and Osinbajo to make coconut “candle” and coconut rice.

If this goes awry and the Northern clerics begin their preaching, like 1966, guess who they will blame for trying to take power from them? The Yorubas that will directly benefit are “kprorring” and folding their hands across their chest and hands gripping their lips together in silence. Other “constitutional voltrons” are risking the safety of our people up North perhaps for peanuts paid surreptitiously to a PROFESSIONAL DEMONSTRATOR from Kogi and or an ambitious Igbo man whose activities will be interpreted as the actions of all Igbos. (I have no problem with ambition. I actually like this chap. But some people aren’t thinking)

My point? We have NOTHING TO GAIN from a Buhari return. We have NOTHING TO GAIN FROM A BUHARI RESIGNATION. El Rufai and Tinubu will be the beneficiaries. Everything will remain the same. However, it will be on record that Igbos (interpreted as all of the south not Yoruba) will have inherited hate and anger for taking power from the North and CHEATING THEM OF THEIR TENURE.

It is time for Ohaneze and Igbo senior voices to tell some people to stop risking lives.

LET YORUBAS AND HAUSA-HAUSA FULANI face their Aso Rock “Game of Thrones”. For the rest of us, Let us wait for 2019 and see what we can do. Fighting over Buhari resuming or resigning simply shows people have no idea how to PICK THEIR BATTLES.