Abigayle Mutua

I have noted something that is actually funny but not in a “haha kinda” way. Why is it that every time giving is mentioned in the church people get nervous, silence falls in the church and suddenly people begin to fidget on their seats?

I know that for a while giving has been used to manipulate people, alot. However, we have got to face it, WE DO NOT LIVE IN A GIVING GENERATION. People don’t like to give unless they feel they will benefit from it. That’s why; “sow into this anointing” manipulation has crept into the church. Selfless givers are getting more and more rare these days, giving doesn’t start with the people on the pew, it begins from people on the pulpit (deliberate manipulation)

I wish for a minute, we can all stop and analyze this issue. Why aren’t we a giving generation? Why cant we give without this message of sowing? And thirdly, if you are uncomfortable every time giving is mentioned, COULD IT BE THAT YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH A PROBLEM OF BEING A NON-GIVER? SEARCH YOUR CONSCIENCE!