Abigayle Mutua

Have you ever wondered how some people endured hardships and even found contentment in the life of struggles? I have had times where I thought I had it bad until I heard someone else’s story and I realized my life hasn’t been that bad.

All of us have something that we gravitate towards. From the minute we make an entrance to the word, It pulls us. It determines what kinda courses we will do, where we will settle, the kind of spouse we will choose, and it is all written and coded in your DNA. I call that something Destiny.

For Destiny to pull it has to have a you to pull. Don’t look for destiny far off, it is already in you. You were designed ready to rule in your destiny.

When we watch people fully engaged in their purpose, it’s confirmation that God has given each of us a destiny.

How else could one person be so fascinated by the accuracy of numbers while another is totally obsessed with the accuracy of words?
What allows you to have great interest in something that bores other people to tears? Why are you able to pick up anything and fix it—from a clock to an automobile—while other people
should be arrested for even picking up a hammer?

Why are you able to devote countless hours to reading a book while other people will never know the story line if it’s not on video? The
gift or desire that God has wired you to express is unique to you. Others can’t understand how you do what you do, but neither can you understand how they act in their gifts.

Why do you get angry when you see certain things not done properly? It’s your instinct. You are irritated by the facts that you know it could be done better. We are all wired differently and our wiring is done so precisely to fit the purpose to which we are called for.