By: Izobofolo’s Blog

Sometimes we work ourselves to the bone because we have no choice. Other times we do it to win the approval of others. Today, let’s be honest with ourselves. Are we run down? If that’s the result of situations we can’t control, let’s ask the Lord to give us the strength we need to keep going. But if we’re exhausted because we’re afraid of letting people down or hurting their feelings, it might be time to reassess.

If we’re up to our eyebrows in work, over looking other options for people under our care, then we might be caught up in the “people pleaser” game. Here’s how the game works. We do our best to make others happy at any expense; our health, our finances, our time and our energy. We sacrifice in unbalanced ways because we’re concerned about what people think of us.

Let’s aim to be “God pleasers” by working to live peacefully with all men and the consciousness of heaven. The Lord admonished us that we should let our light shine before men, that they might see our good work and give glory to our Father in heaven.