Andy Akporugu Jr

If: certainly the most powerful word in the dictionary. It has wings. It is the vehicle by which intellectuals remove analysis from the realm of forensics unto that of creative writing. It allows any result that the author wishes. It permits him to play God, determining what other things should be, or remain equal to get the result he wishes.

It is the vehicle by which we believe that had the military not intervened, Nigeria would have been better, much less corrupt. From it we are allowed to argue rightly that our economy would have been better but for the return of PMB and yet correctly say the opposite, of course pointing to all the portions of our big economy in the private pockets and handbags of thieving authority.

It is an excuse, it is a lie. It is really nothing beyond an attempt to intellectualize loose, fancy conjecture. If Nigeria was restructured… If the white man never joined us long time ago… If Ojukwu had succeeded…If men were God… If…[yes, allow me my space]… If I was the President of Nigeria!


“The exceptions or nonoccurence of other possible options of an event, enthrones a “ground strategist.” by Theophilus Izobofolo