Abigayle Mutua

From the minute we hit this new millennium, there was a switch into high gear in the spiritual realm. There was a horde of demons released into the earth like never seen before. And these demons were released into the church, into the family, into the government, to the children as young as 0years and the strategy of the enemy is to get them young! And to infiltrate every single unit of the human enterprise!

Hear me when I say this brethren, DECEPTION HAS GONE HIGH TECH. It flies on The wings of true things but when you’re full of the Holy Spirit, you can detect there is no TRUTH IN IT! Note this, there is no Doctrine of God that the camp if the enemy has not infiltrated and perverted! God has the gift of tongues, Satan has got his tongues too! God has got Prophets, Satan has got his own Diviners! God has got prayer warriors who fast day and night watching the walls, and Satan has got his own who fast day and night to possess those walls!

From TV shows to mobile devices, the strategy is catch them all, catch them young! That’s why it is very sad to watch ministers of God do funny things in the name of ministry. It’s very sad to watch people play church yet the snare to share men is in the very church!

It cannot be church as usual because it is something we do every Sunday! It cannot be conferences and seminars as usual that people Leave with no true transformation. We can not continue to hold pastors summits to teach the ministers how to institute the business of a church, While no one is Telling THE MINISTERS TO GET BROKEN! GOD IS NOT LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED MINISTERS TO deliver his people, God is seeking a vessel that is ready to get Broken to be used!

In this time, pride, competition, vainglory, recognition won’t deliver the people. One can minister but still be ensnared. We need brokenness if we are to awaken the church! We need to get broken if we want to see God’s Glory more in this era.

The church has been in a state of mixtures too long, now it’s time to get back to order. We need also to win them Young. Our musicians need to understand that they are also ministers and stop entertaining the church in the name of praise and worship!