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BREAKING NEWS! Security alert! From SSS office Abuja!

Privileged information reveals the mass arrival of BOKO HARAM Fighters to Southern /North central Nigeria, especially to LAGOS/ ILORIN and RIVERS States. We have been advised to take urgent and adequate security measures in Churches, especially on Sundays and in places with large gathering such as markets, shopping malls, cinemas, parks. etc. This is our millitary patrol teams has been rolled out to mount strategic points in the states and cities mentioned. Please pass on to other friends and family members, especially those residing in Port Harcourt, ILorin and Lagos.

The News is that our enemy (Boko Haram), is planning something bigger than Nyanya bomb blast in Abuja. Mind your movement and be careful, the exact locations are still unknown. May God help us & save our country. These are the police control numbers of each state in Nigeria, kindly call for rapid response to any criminal incident:

Abia – 08035415405.
Admwa- 08089671313.
AkIbom – 08039213071.
Anmbra -07039194332.
Bauchi – 08151849417.
Bayelsa – 07034578208.
Benue – 08066006475.
Borno – 08068075581.
C-River – 08133568456.
Delta – 08036684974.
Ebonyi – 07064515001.
Edo – 08037646272.
Ekiti – 08062335577.
Enugu – 08032003702.
FCT – 07057337653.
Gombe – 08150567771.
Imo – 08034773600.
Jigawa – 08075391069.
Kaduna – 08123822284.
Kano – 08032419754.
Katsina – 08075391255.
Kebbi – 08038797644.
Kogi – 08075391335.
Kwara – 07032069501.
Lagos – 07055462708.
Nasarwa – 08123821571.
Niger – 08081777498.
Ogun – 08032136765.
Ondo – 07034313903.
Osun – 08075872433.
Oyo – 08081768614.
Plateau – 08126375938.
Rivers – 08032003514.
Sokoto – 07068848035.
Taraba – 08140089863.
Yobe – 07039301585.
Zamfa – 0810658012

Also,  Information reaching Police indicates that; There is a syndicate of criminals selling beautiful key-holders at public places, Airports, Petrol Stations etc. Some of them sometimes parade themselves as sales promoters giving out free key holders. Please do not buy or accept these key holders no matter how beautiful they look. The key holders have inbuilt tracking device chip which allows them track you to your home or wherever your car is parked. The key holders are very beautiful to resist. We are all therefore requested to pass this message to colleagues, family members and loved ones. Be on guard.
God bless Nigeria.