Andy Akporugo Jr

On Wednesday the 30th of August 2017, I shall invite here, the thoughts of a few esteemed voices for restructure for hopefully what would be a non-partisan very intellectual attempt at distilling the terms of a most workable restructure of our federation and the means of bringing it to fruition, taking into consideration the limitations of our current legislative processes. I shall invite specially,

  • Dr. Solomon Ukhuegbe
  • Professor Edoba Omoregie
  • Chijioke Okoli SAN
  • Hrm Babatunde Ogala
  • Dr. Anthony Opo Okonkwo
  • Abdul Oroh
  • Dr. Job Odion
  • Tony Ipriye Uranta
  • Dili Ezughah
  • Onu John Onwe
  • Ralph Egbu
  • Chidi Peter Agbaneje
  • Emeka Odikpo
  • Ken Tadaferua
  • Paul C Nwabuikwu
  • Dr. Ugo Egbujo
  • Oni-Olusola Gbenga
  • Emmanuel Majebi
  • Umar Babangida Aliyu
  • Ismaila Olokun

I shall pray for contributions only in basic outlines. All other friends will be invited but I shall be at the gates to ensure that those whose best expression of the English language is in insults or discourtesy are kept as far away as possible.

Let’s make sense of this whole matter of restructuring