Mr. Andy Akporugo Jr

OF TEMPLES OF GOD and the devil!

When I was much younger, the devil came to church all right, but he always needed to sneak in. Those were days when burning incense made him uncomfortable and holy water tore his skin; when God’s people were separated from the world by their piety.

And so before the devil entered the church, he would hide in street corners for days watching, observing faithfuls so as to appropriately plan his disguise. Yet eventually, when he did, it wasn’t too difficult to spot him. There’s no perfect crime. He was simply different.

Then the church needed to expand. Pentecostalism and the other variants came and opened its doors to one and all; ”buy one, get ten free”. And the vanity of the world was brought to entice the church which then yielded its ethos to the demands of competition.

Soon the leaders of the world led the church and as matters of the world are resolved, so they are today in the church. You do not feel safer because your adversary is a church minister or a faithful. He may well be an assassin. You would need to alert the police or take the usual precautions that a gang war requires. It wouldn’t be a matter for the spirits!

And so now, the devil deodorizes with the once dreaded incense, walks confidently into church through its front doors armed with booming guns, his rosary dangling from side to side, to do justice before the weeping eyes of God, mixing the blood of Jesus with that of His adherents! God’s justice is too slow and distant to be trusted.

Yesterday it was Ozubulu. Today it is Onitsha. But remember, it had been Benin City and later Irri, much earlier!

Signs of the end time!