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Do not undermine the power of a simple prayer. Because SOMETHING HAPPENS When Gods people pray! ONE simple prayer has got the power to carry you for years! One simple prayer has got the power to effect 10 years of your life. One simple prayer has got the ability to affect up-to your 4th generation! We may never know, but some of us are where we are today because of a simple prayer your mom or your Daddy prayed for you!

Some of us are alive today because of a simple prayer they prayed when they were 4 or 6years old. The power of a simple prayer is not limited to the age of the praying man. When the PRAYER COMES FROM GOD’S PEOPLE, even if just a baby TRUST ME IT WORKS!

TRUE STORY, Am here today, am who I am today because of a simple earnest prayer I made when I was still a teenager. I wasn’t sure what would happen to me after high school, but I prayed, I must have been 16 at the time and I said “Lord, for as long as I shall live I will testify of You and I will serve you. Help me to survive the World but should I ever get Lost Lord, PUSH ME BACK! DON’T LET ME REMAIN LOST, GET ME BACK! ”

Years after High school, I forgot the prayer but God never Did! I got lost in the World, but In the Spirit GOD HAD PREPARED A PLAN THAT wouldn’t fail to PUSH ME BACK! The pushing back was painful, but it accomplished the work! Hallelujah I was back in the Pack! In God’s infinite Mercies He said No! The world would have destroyed me BUT He said No! There’s a vow on her life, I must push her back! And now am back…

I want to remind you, When God’s people pray, it doesn’t matter how much they sink into drugs, Robbery, prostitution, Name it! When God’s people, who are called by his name pray God answers! No matter how small and simple the prayer is! God comes to your rescue.

I don’t know what you reading this post is going through, what your children are going through, all you need Is that One simple prayer! I need you God! Help me God maybe all you need to get out of that mess!

today when u read this, get into your closet and just say one simple prayer! Just One simple prayer is all you need. Be blessed and share the message, be a blessing to someone else.