Folks! Suffice me to say that destiny is fragile like an egg! Every chance to make a choice or decision is a onetime golden opportunity that ends with either success or regret.

In another phrase; anything you tolerate will take your consciousness. Whatever is your intention, consumes your attention. Folk! Whatever is not in your focus should not distract you…attraction causes distraction. Give zero tolerance to frivolities and trivialities of life.

Yes, mistakes teaches us more secrets about life, but don’t make the deadly mistake, that comes as a result of wrong decision, environmental influence, short cuts and side attractions from unbridled or petty comforts.

Don’t run another person’s race or run your race in another person’s lane. Your life is a gift; the hard work during the prime of our life is the appreciation for so much talented…regret is the end result of idleness, lack of paying attention to details and absenteeism from life originality. WORK WHILE THE SUN SHINES!