By: Andy Akporugo

The war is worse because it has become internecine. It’s unfortunate that this and the EVANS incident has turned to be DINNER FOR THE VULTURES. There are crime CARTELS in every clan or ethnic group. Recently and until now Lagos State is saddled by the BADOO Gang or Cult as well as kidnappings.

The republican and acephalous attributes of the Igbo man make him uncontrollable and difficult to heed or accept wise counsel from a superior or one another hence he is prone to exposure at all times.

Were BISHOP and OBROCHO (The OZUBULU BROTHERS) happened to have come from Wamakko or Ede or Atakumosa the current scenario would not have taken place. In this case the words of the Sultan or the Ooni or even the Owa Obukun would have been law and all cases closed and sealed.

I know this through personal experience and in some cases direct witness. In Spain, Scandinavia, British Isles, North America, Brazil and even far away Japan etc we have Nigerian gangs and cartels of all sorts engaged in Drugs, Financial crimes, Human trafficking etc but it’s always that of the Igbo that become blown in geometric proportion. Reason: no Igbo man is a subject rather each is a Lord unto himself. Once an apprentice graduates or liberates from his Master he wants to surpass and usurp his status and the former master as reprisal will do everything to cut his tail including the supreme price – Death. And once this happens his rivals will feast like the Vulture.

Let the Nigerian media that is always looking for ways to nail the Igbo’s not feast on this incident to stereotype every other Igbo man as usual for every Clan in Nigeria and all over the world is bedevilled by same.

I do not support or acquiesce to crime or illegality of any kind no matter how organised or closely knitted. But I hate the kettle calling the pot black because the owner of the kettle covers its soot with sack.