By: Ada Chinyere Cummings

A woman came to me and said, “my husband is cheating on me and it’s breaking my heart. What should I do?”

I responded; “If I were your husband, I’ll cheat on you very well. In shot, I’ll sleep out with my girlfriend most nights.”

She responded; “I thought you are a good woman, I didn’t know you are very wicked. God will punish…”

I interrupted her; “Hold it there before you complete whatever you want to say and curse yourself.” I’ll say whatever I wish to say to you, because you are just a wicked woman.”

She kept talking, I kept quiet for a while and allowed her pour out her anger and free her mind, knowing that the pain inside her was not really meant for me but for her husband.

As she was about walking out of my house, I said to her; “Do you know you have dirty body odour, I mean, the body odour that comes from being dirty, not the permanent one?”

“The neatness of a woman is the perfume for love.”

She paused just at the door of my house, looked back, with a face almost sober. I blinked and said. “You need to take care of yourself. You are on the fat side and need to take your bath at least 3 times a day if you can. Look at your side ears”

I gave her tissue paper to clean her ears and she was surprised at what she saw.

I then said to her; “if you were the man will you stay with a woman with this dirtiness?” You can see why you are not attractive to him at all…so that’s why your husband is looking elsewhere.

I admonished her to go home, take good care of herself, mostly the hidden parts and dress neatly…and then watch what will happen. I added saying “don’t expect a love miracle to happen, but gradually, everything will fall in place as time unfold. She should not forget to pray, it’s always a saving grace.

She responded saying; “Thank you so much, my sister. No one has spoken to me in such a manner. Thank You and may God bless you.” She left with a bright mind that reflected on her face.

“We should Always keep neatness very close to our heart.  Neatness is very important, we all should embrace it, most especially women. Advice them when they come to you” Yes, the approach matters, but it all depend on the individual.