Okadigbo Austine

In 1983, during the second term bid of Prof. Ambrose Alli, it was the forces from Esan region (Edo state) his home town that stopped his re election? In spite of d vision of Alli for Esan they didn’t allow him a second term.

In 2008 the same forces that stopped Prof. Alli, again, stopped Prof Osunbor. They removed him by force and bring in Oshiomhole. Esan would have had the opportunity of producing two Professors as Gov of Edo state. Just imagine what would have happened to Esan if Prof Alli and Osunbor had spent 8 years each as governors?

Since 1999 this same powerful forces held sway in Nigeria Politics. Producing almost all the Ministers that came to Edo state. Very recently was the Minister of Works. The minister of works Arc Mike Onolomeme, under Jonathan regime awarded d express road from Abajana through Auchi, Ekpoma to Benin. Work started on that road while he was still the Minister. Do u know today from Okpilla through Omega Fire Ministry to Auchi Poly gate axis of th road is 90% completion? Do u know that from Eghosa junction to By-pass through Eyean, down to INEC office in Benin is 95% completion? But ironically, the axis of the dreaded Ewu slope through Irrua and Ekpoma down to Irruekpen is not 2% started? More painful is that this very axis is where the Minister of works who awarded the road hails from.

Today, Ekpoma is impassable and Ewu slope is a nightmare.Who actually marginalized the Esan?

Like it or not the AFENMAIS are not cowards. In 2024 after Obaseki 8 years, AFENMAI has well groomed politicians who will take the governorship from Esan. One of such person who has a state wise recognition is Rt. Hon Pally Iriase. Deputy Speaker 1999, LG Chairman 2004, SSG 2008, House of Rep 2011 till date. Is there anyone in Esan whose political profile and experience can match him? It’s our turn won’t be enough to guarantee Esan region the ticket.
A speaker was impeached of recent, i expected all members from Esan irrespective of political affiliation to walk out and address the press. They stayed and remained calm as if nothing was wrong. Hon Igbas who collected some punch, in trying to defend the embattled Speaker “nickodemosly” went to sign the impeachment later at night.
Who exactly is marginalizing the ESAN?