Ada Chinyere Cummings

I think the saying, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God” is no longer obtainable in this day of Christ and Grace.

Christ has set us free from the sin we inherited from Adam by His sacrificial death and brought us into the glorious light of God the Father through his Grace, so from this day, every ‘man’ answereth for his own sin.

The saying should now be, “I have sinned and come short of the glory of God”, this applies only to those who have come to the true knowledge of Christ Jesus. But if you have not accepted the true teaching of Christ completely, then you are still under the Adamic sin plus your own sin. But if you have accepted Christ, then begin to repent from your sins today.

So, I will begin to pray and ask God for the forgiveness of my sins:

I’m just a sinner, groping in the darkness of sin, but not an unmitigated one.
I seek to be righteous, looking towards Christ Jesus.
But my sins weigh me down to nothing.
My sins have placed me in a dark room.
But there is this tinny ray of light
That found its way through the tinniest crevice into my dark world.
Seeking to to save me, to bring me out.
It’s so tinny, looking so insignificant, yet,
The darkness comprehended it not.

So I say today,

Holy Father, I’m sorry for my sins, please forgive me. Help me by your Grace to stay away from sin. I make this prayer through Jesus Christ my Lord, Amen.