By: Henry Elo

Firstly, I did a research to know what a ‘Python Dance” is So how and why does a python dance?

When a python is hungry and sees no prey, it breaks down into what seems like a dance move to attract attention of rabbits, rats etc. As it jiggles and shakes itself, unsuspecting preys become hypnotized into watching it. As they watch ‘bam’; the python will deliver the killing move.

Hence, a Python Dance is not an entertainment, or a self-defense. It is a bait, a trap, or a trick a Python uses for an attack.

From this analysis above, I want to ask, why do you think of all the strategies in the world, the Nigerian army chose a Python Dance? A Serpent Dance? Or does it mean they don’t know the meaning?

My concern is that the people that would be caught up in this dance are ordinary men and women in the streets.

Definitely guilty people won’t go to watch the python dance. It’s innocent ‘busy body’ market men and women that will gather to see the python and it’s dance moves. And I’m concerned that they will be the ones that the python will strike after it is done dancing.

Who’s idea is this python dance? There are many South Easterners still against agitators and many more are sitting on the fence. So when this python begins to dance and strike innocent people, the people would unite to stop the evil dance. No one looses an innocent loved one and sits on the fence.

My Advice: Instead of Operation Python Dance, what about Operation One Love? Operation Love Thy Neighbor? Operation Hope? or Operation Let’s Talk?

What is the mission of IPOB/BIAFRA