By: Apostle Charles Uwazie

“I have every reason to believe that the False Prophets of today are not really False Prophets, but Deputy Devils or Assistant Satan.”

In those days, false prophets were defined as prophets whose prophecies didn’t come to pass. Simple. Deuteronomy 18:22.

But we all know that today, those we all know are not genuine prophets still prophesy and their words come to pass. So according to scriptures, they are not false prophets. They are something else.

Call them Sorcerers – Simon of the Bible was a sorcerer, not a false prophet. Call them magicians – the Egyptian magicians who challenged Moses were ‘genuine’ magicians, they were not ‘false’ prophets. Call them witch doctors. Call them diviners. Call them mediums. Call them occult spiritualists.

But please stop calling them false prophets because false prophets are far better than these sorcerers and witch doctors of modern time.

Apart from the incident at my office last night, I already had a hectic day from reading a 6 page confession of a sister who was manipulated by a sorcerer-in-suit. What a demon that beast of a prophet was. Raping under-aged girls, aborting dozens of pregnancies, destroying homes, dragging many into a state of depression and raping the pockets of all until the rich literally beg for bread. What a beast. Oh what a heartless beast.

Listen everyone, if you are a member of a church where the prophet seduces EVERY woman, young and old, into adulterous affair, you are in a cult. Sex is a tool used in the occult realm by occult grand masters to establish absolute control over women and thus turning them into perpetual slaves. If you are reading this post and you are having sex with your so-called prophet, your soul have been enslaved. Especially in a case where your own husband serves in the prophet’s church. That’s the greatest dishonor you can give your husband.

I will not condemn you in harsh words because you might have been hypnotized but this post is the light you need to repent, abandon that occult church and save the life of your husband who has done nothing to deserve this wickedness from you and your prophets. Cry if need be, but be strong enough to call off that adulterous evil affair before it cost you the blood of a loved one. Yes, your prophet is that wicked. He has blood in his hands which you know nothing about. The abortion he encouraged you to do is one of the blood in his hands and don’t be fooled to think that you are his only victim, more women have sacrificed the blood of their foetus to him. Any prophet who sleeps with the wives of his spiritual sons is a wild beast With blood on its teeth. Run if you can’t flee. Flee if you can’t destroy him.

I am proud of the sister who wrote me for upholding righteousness in the face of wickedness. She is my hero. She has found Jesus and the truth of the finished work of Christ. I heard God say clearly to me about her “I will heal and use her in this end time reformation. I let her go through this fire for a purpose at a time like this”.

Let me speak specifically to women now – you are the main target of the war waged by falsehood in this end-time. The earlier you know it and run to Jesus, the safer for you. The deceiver doesn’t enter the family through Adam, he targets Eve and through Eve, an entire generation will perish. Be careful and prayerful as a woman before you connect with pastors, prophets etc. You are the spiritual door of your family.

And to men… why do you send your brain on holidays the moment you adopt a stranger as your prophet? The day you stopped asking questions about questionable events or attitude is the day the brainwashing software installed in your brain became active. Unfortunately, you don’t have Jesus, what you have is religion so your mind is locked and the key is in the hands of your prophet and he is using it to attempt logging into the core of your beautiful wife. You have heard that your prophet sleeps with anything in skirt and you are trusting him with your wife? Your middle name is sorry. Start looking for Truth. Only the Truth sets free.

Friends, it is important that we identify the true identity of the people we are fighting – these guys are not false prophets, they are worse than false prophets. They are beasts of the desert. Beware. Run to a Christ Centered church that preaches the finished work of Christ and rest from all these wahala.