By: Apostle Charles Uwazie

On the 3rd of February this year, I had a horrible dream where war broke out between Nigerian troops and Biafran agitators. In that dream, Biafran males were slaughtered from house to house. Tears flowed like rivers across the east of the Niger. I woke up and immediately documented my dream on Facebook. Find it here –…

I am not the type who builds faith around dreams but I am spiritual enough to know when a dream is prophetic. This is why I am coming out once again to speak to my brothers at home to wake up before Egwu Eke (Python’s dance) becomes Egwu Udele (Dance of the VULTURES).

For my Non Nigerian readers, Egwu Eke or the Python’s Dance is the code name of a Military action currently going on in my state of birth, Abia State, subtly targeted at intimidating Biafran Pro-separatist activists who have been fighting for their self determination. If you don’t know the history of the Biafran agitation, please use Google.

Why Abia?

Abia State used to be a peaceful state until Nnamdi Kanu was granted bail. (Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of the Biafran secessionist Movement and a native of my home state). Upon his release from prison, Nnamdi’s status changed from that of a ‘vulgar’ internet radio 📻 operator to a demi-god freedom fighter. A situation which ‘Clueless’ Jonathan avoided but ‘intelligent’ Buhari aided. By the way, these three Spidermen belong to the same WhatsApp group, maybe Buhari is their admin. You, my reader, and myself belong to a different WhatsApp group called ‘Masses’. We have no admin because we are oppressed like that.

It will be unfair if I don’t say that Nnamdi Kanu has a valid reason to fight for what he believes in. His people, my people, have suffered political marginalization in the forced union called Federal Republic of Nigeria. And secondly but most importantly, Biafra is a spirit that every parent transfers to every child in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Every Igbo person has a certain level of Biafran consciousness. It is the first story our fathers told us while growing up. They told us how our uncles, grandparents etc were killed during the civil war between our people and the Nigerian state. So we all grew up believing that the Nigerian state is our eternal enemy. After the war ended, the Nigerian government failed to re-engineer the mind of the Biafran to have faith in the Nigerian project through citizenship education and political inclusion. They moved on too quickly. So there was no proper healing, and where we are today is as a result of the accumulated pains and grieves over the years. When you hear those young agitators say “Biafra or I die”, they mean it. They have inner pains and red hot anger which nobody wants to address. So yes, Nnamdi Kanu, like every other Biafran or even Southerner has a valid reason to fight for their self determination, But….

They started this fight the wrong way. The foundation of this current movement is questionable. I documented my concerns when I wrote an article which went viral, titled BEFORE NNAMDI KANU IS KILLED ( read here –…/03/before-nnamdi-kanu-is-killed/ )

Having said that, it is obvious that my fears are gradually catching up on me. Nnamdi Kanu has allowed himself to become Buhari’s valid excuse for carrying out a well planned military attack on my people. Already, dozens are been killed, many more injured and sleep has been driven out of my beloved home state.

I am a born revolutionary myself. I am not the type that conforms to the status quo, but I also know the first law of revolution – make sure you don’t destroy the same people you are fighting for. At anytime, your decisions must reflect that you care for the blood of those you claim to be fighting for. It is not cowardice, it is called love. It was what distinguished #Mandela when at the face of provocation, he chose peace.

I want to appeal personally to #NnamdiKanu, please talk to your crowd. The truth is that you have the youths. You control the greatest influence in the entire Igbo land. Your word becomes a law in the mind of your crowd. You are the Ohamadike of your people. Please my dear brother, don’t be like those you are fighting who have no value for blood. Be different. Show us that you value our blood. Show us that you will rather be seen as a coward than to have our brothers killed like chicken the same way they killed us a few decades ago.

If you heed my advice and save us from this looming war, you will see #Biafra in your lifetime. I know what I am saying. But if you allow arrogance and pride to erode reasoning and love, you would have brought our people to a place of skulls 💀 where this dance of the pythons would become a dance of the vultures.

A stitch in time, they say, saves Nine. E me ngwa ngwa, e me hara odachi.

Please share this before this Egwu Eke becomes Egwu Udele.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I write from #Johannesburg.