By: Andy Akporugo Jr

Can there be a peaceful act of war? Is hoisting the flag of Biafra in the east any less an act of war than the flags raised by Boko Haram in the Northeast?

Certainly mounting a guard of honor of hundreds of uniform wearing young men called Biafra Secret Service was a military exercise, and not one that belongs in a bridal shower. The recent reappearance of veterans of the civil war clad in uniforms of the Biafran army was also not a matter to trifle about.

Perhaps some people fancied that they were in Nollywood when they placed curses of death on Nigeria and it’s peoples and demanded the head of its president. Perhaps they were only joking when they merchandised the Biafran colours as they swore that they would prevent the government with all its ammunition from conducting elections in Anambra in just a few weeks. But wouldn’t it be silly of the army to believe that their planned weaponry are songs and flowers and then do nothing? The military sings too and uses flowers and grasses as disguises, but always tuck their guns somewhere close. Can we blame them when similarly they read songs and flowers in these circumstances as evidence of concealment of some ammunition?

The anecdotal rendition of how my friend’s father died is useful here. He had been pranked with a water pistol and soon promised himself to carry out the ultimate prank. And so on national day as the ceremonies were underway with the president taking a salute at march past, he as one of the marchers in Boy scout uniforms, upon getting in front of the president lifted his water pistol and took an aim at the president. The sounds he heard as life hurried away from him were the booms of many military guns!

National security was at issue in my friend’s father’s case as it is at issue with the Nnamdi Kanu childish jest!