By Izuchukwu Samuel Nkwocha

Years ago, our fathers, dead and living had a mind that ministry isn’t about money….they depended and focused on the CALL cos they believe every provision will be met in their consistency and focus on the call…

But this generation ministers enter the ministry Prioritizing money, no wonder we have numerous errors…Ministers doing crazy things all for money.

we feel with money we can have anything and do any thing in d ministry which has lead to fraudulent acts and wrong desperation for money… but our fathers were dependent on the Caller and the Calling, this kept them sane and the Caller(GOD) provided them with the needed financial strengths at the right time.

This is why u see ministers jumping from one location to the other, one country to the other cos they came with business mindset…(where will this business flourish?)

Instead of many fathers influencing this generation on this importance, it has turned the other way round….sons are now influencing fathers.

Ministry is all about the CALL…staying and focusing on your CALL keeps ur focus and makes u stay pure. Loss of sight of your CALL introduces u to various errors.

Focusing on the title of your office than the CALL into that office. Most of your posts and prayers on Facebook are money based. The most pictures you upload on Facebook is bundle of money. Basking in titles..a young minister answering Doctor, Professor, President and Founder etc. Always want to take pictures with MOPOL just to show off with guards. Crazy to upload your hotel room during programs and things u eat. Always strategizing on how to raise funds during meetings. A young minister too quick to call his fellow minister a BOY. Dislike 4 mission and ministering in remote areas and small churches. Fasting and praying becomes a burden and old school. Studying of the word isn’t necessary except for a programs. Crazy program themes to suit the people. Church location fleshly chosen. Programs not spirit lead

These signs are very simple but real.

The intentions of our fathers for the ministry is strictly heaven based. They started church by divine direction. They organize programs by divine leading with themes Spirit given. They were passionate for souls but we are passionate for money.

If our generation and the next want to survive, Let’s build on the foundation the Apostles have laid and let’s build wisely on it. You can’t esteem and stay on your CALL and not control money in the future..