By: Apostle Charles Uwazie

The rumor everywhere is that Charles Awuzie is opening a ‘church’ in Cape Town. Yes… You heard it well.

Necessity is laid on me to establish an apostolic Christocentric Church in Cape Town, South Africa; to nurture the beloved of the Lord unto maturity through the teaching of the finished work of Christ.

We are starting this Sunday with 3 believers only. If you are a member of a church where the true gospel is preached, PLEASE DON’T COME.

We are not here to recycle members. We are here to nurture, mature and release radical Christocentric Apostles.

It will not be your typical church… We will NOT take tithes. We will not demand offerings. Our needs will be met by freewill donations of saints.

In the church, I will be called Brother Charles. Nobody will be addressed by any special titles except the Elders. There shall be no special seat for any pastor. Nobody will wait in an office until it is time for them to minister/show off. Nobody will be treated in a super special way above anybody. Everyone shall be equal in love and unity. It will be a family.

Our desire is to mirror the 1st Apostolic Church which were held in homes. Our church shall also be held in homes. We will spread across South Africa -holding fellowships in homes in every city.

If you are in any city and want your home to host this new movement, don’t fail to inbox me.

We will gather to pray, study and rejoice before the Lord for the gift of eternal salvation. Every sermon will have question and answer session.

Please pray for us as we undertake this assignment.