By: Mrs. Glorious Ukejeh

I was sleeping off. I passed my phone to a brother for charging.

Hours later, when I needed the phone, I picked it up. I was shocked- the phone was plugged in but not charging!  He did not turn on the switch.

There are a lot of folks connected to churches but there is no power of the life of Christ flowing into them.

They are in church but do not know how to study the word or pray or win a soul. They flow with the tide!

When men are not equipped to do the works of Christ, they will be simplistic utensils in the kitchen of secularism.

Pastors cannot wait till Saturday night to put an “indomie” message together (I have done it before) and expect to have a well nourished church.

A shepherd must pay the price of a good meal for the sheep.  A fattened sheep will willingly cloth the shepherd- no need for manipulations!

And for many in church, be willing to be equipped! Go for Bible Studies not just the Thanksgiving Sunday. Attend training schools. Refuse to be a novice.

You know what- my phone was connected but not charging but worse still,  it was losing power. Neutrality is never neutral- you are losing power. You are being drained- there is no in-between.

Are you vitally connected? Partial contact causes damage. Most of the woes we see comes from folks who have partial contact- they have a form of godliness (connected) but they deny the power (not charging)!

Connect. Charge. The kingdom of God needs you.