By: Charles Awuzie

In 5 years from now, Cyber Ministries will influence the society and the church much more than Pulpit or TV ministry.

The next coming years will see the emergence of highly influential ministers whose only platform will be the cyberspace.

There is a shift in dispensations. The world is no longer out there, the world is right here on the internet. Everything is happening right here.

3.5 billion people (Half of the world population) use the internet daily while only 2 million people make time to watch TBN. So not even TV ministry can compete favorably with cyber ministry.

3 years ago, someone called a certain friend of mine ‘Facebook pastor’ and today that fellow can’t even match the impact that friend of mine has made within few years of active cyber ministry.

God is anointing and releasing an army to invade the cyber space. If you feel you are one of them, get to work.

5 years from now, any ministry that isn’t taking advantage of the internet might go into oblivion.

Get Techy to take the world.

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By Charles Awuzie