By:  Charles Awuzie

Filling Up Your Emptiness…

That you have a job, two cars, houses in your name, a spouse, children, a religious lifestyle and even a growing business doesn’t make you successful. I used to think that these things bring fulfillment until I had them and still felt empty. Feeling empty in the midst of plenty is a proof that your life is lacking substance. Something critical is missing. Another new car won’t fill up that emptiness. A new bae will make matters worse.

Nothing will feel that emptiness except The Revelation Of Who Jesus Christ Is. Believe me!

If you like, be the G.O of the universe, if you don’t have the revelation of the finished work of Christ, you will never experience internal PERMANENT REST AND PEACE.

How can you feel complete when you still think that Redemption is an unfinished work? It’s impossible. You will be ignorantly toiling for what Jesus has already given – sowing and asking for seeds for blessings which are free in HIM. Your Rest comes the day you realize that truly IT IS FINISHED.

If you experience momentary feelings of emptiness, don’t rush to the mountain to pray for infilling. Get your Bible, sit down in a quiet place, focus on the epistles, there’s a mystery there that will satisfy your spiritual thirst.

FHow to fill up your emptiness inside you

These days, whether I have clients or not, whether the bills are paid or not, whether ministry is exploding or not, I just have Peace. I feel so complete. This is our testimony – that we are complete ONLY in the revelation of HIM.
Jesus revealed is substance.

Seek the deepest parts of HIM.