By: Theophilus Izobofolo


And God made two great lights; the greater one to rule the day and the lesser to rule the night. He made the stars also.  Genesis 1:16

God created this light so that we can measure, read, forecast, and record the events of time through the period of seasons. Time was created for the purpose of life, it is only the living that can experience time, a man without time is a man without life, a life well lived is a time well managed. The success of life is measured by the quality and efficient time put to work…time is not the figure or alphabetical arrangement on a clock or watch, but the duration of life or thing in passage of space, it is an invisible unique revealed purpose of God for life to man.

The original plan of God for man was revealed to Adam in detail in Genesis 2:16-17, it was a commandment of spiritual death for disobedience, while the reward for obedience was eternal fellowship with God, dominion over Satan, divine health and freedom forever. The reward of disobedience (death) brought man under time control known as the “TIME KEEPER.”

Life doesn’t control time, only time can control life. Everything done on earth is controlled by time. Life only uses time to work; the quality of time put to work is measured in value and volume. Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, King Solomon said there is a right time for everything under the sun, so folks I advise you to manage your time and decide to serve God to best profiting, for if you are not saved then you can’t be safe to reign with God…really through one man (Adam) sin came unto all men, and through one man (Jesus) salvation came unto all men.


{1} Time + Life = Man: Genesis 1:26 (MAN means; Lifted men from dust)

{2} Man – Time = Death: Genesis 3-19 (DEATH means: Tame men to dust)

{3} Death + Salvation = Timeless reign with God: 2 Corinthians 4-18 (Timeless rain with God: Eternal life in Heaven)

{4} Death – Salvation = Timeless reign with Satan: Revelation 21-8 (Timeless rain with Satan: Eternal life in Hell)

God took ‘’MAN’’ out of ‘’DUST’’ with the infusion ZOE LIFE. Due to disobedience God caused man to be tamed by death back to dust. Folks! If time is life and life is time, then the spiritual purpose of man’s time is to live a useful life to please God. Your useful life lived on earth should reflect your quality time spent with God.

Scientifically, time measurement was enhanced from an extensive study of seasons with a global scope of the world. From the result of the studies, four seasons were discovered: the autumn/fall season, the winter season, the summer season and the spring season; which actually occur within a year. This seasons were further broken down into lunar months by using the average period between a new moon and the next moon (29 1/2 days). These lunar months were halved into 14 days and into weeks. With the use of an hourglass the day was divided into hours and half an hour. This was represented with figures 1 to 24 G.M.T (Greenwich Mean Time) of 1 to 12 day time and 1 to 12 night time.

Time measurement and time reading was further enhanced by scientists in the 18th century, by measuring time in smaller units of minutes, seconds and even to the twinkling of an eye. It was also discovered that speed, light and sound are measured with time.

Folks! This scientific discovery has supported the biblical view on the mystery of rapture and also has confirmed the reality that; life is time. Our lives on earth is to primarily serve God and obey His commandments, and every other thing shall be added. Your time on earth will either reward you with BOOM or DOOM! Decide today.

Time reading technique is interpreted into two major classes.

Watch out for classes of time reading.