By: Abigayle Mutua

The artificial manifested presence of God produces an emotional high more than a knowledge of who God is, and if not careful we can miss out on God. The Israelite’s saw the manifested presence as a Cloud during day and Pillar of fire in the night and even food raining from Heaven daily for forty years yet they failed to know God and died in their unbelief. Why? The emotional high blinded their ability to believe and walk by faith.

When Peter saw Christ transfigured at the mountain, the emotional high struck and he was ready to build three tents in honor of Elijah, Moses and Jesus but could not see the Fundamental truth of what he was seeing THE GLORIFIED CHRIST!

Immaturity hangs onto the presence and not the Person of Christ. Every time the presence manifests, we scramble for what can benefit us instead of worshiping WHOM HE WHO IS.

Remember when that worship song ends and everybody wants to be healed and we want to cast out devils and thinking of the feeling of Him being around means its time to get our stuff!

We forget that we are standing on Holy ground and that it’s not about us but Him! Instead of a Holy fear towards God and His will, we develop a passion on how our desires and dreams can be fulfilled! Oh how the church is dying because of unbelief and not because we lack miracles, signs and wonders but because we have no knowledge of the WORKER.

We no longer go to church in worship but that we may get something and no wonder we attend about ten churches and fellowships. When people flock to our churches, we think they are hungry after God when in reality we have created an atmosphere that allows them to hunger after things and not God. We are trapped in the emotional high like the Israelite’s in the wilderness and like Peter on the mountain! When the Son of man returns, shall He find FAITH?