By: Abigayle Mutua

There are two elements that shape a minister. His ministry to God and his ministry to people. The two cannot be separated, but the intensity of the relationship will determine the strength and The impact of his ministry.

A man who spends more time ministering to men and less time ministering to God will have a ministry that will struggle with flesh, Worldliness and compromise. Because he/she becomes a ‘people pleaser’ and not ‘God pleaser.’ He will do anything to get acceptance and to fit in the circles of man.

A man who spend more time ministering to God than to people is one who cannot be moved or shaken easily. He is not attracted to worldliness because his needs can only be fed by eternity. This Is the man who doesn’t move when God has not said move! He becomes so in tuned with the Mind of God that his ministry to men emanates of Glory.

Most times people who spend less time ministering to God and more to people do not understand the dimension from which these ministers operate from and because they do not understand they begin to fight them. If you get more of God, you get more power. You don’t get more power to get more God.

In ministry power shouldn’t be the motivation, remember Satan can give it too, if power is all you need. And many ministers because of the attractiveness of crowds and Mega mentality have compromised to get the power but without God.

Watch carefully who you minister to more… Only God has the best interest for your ministry. After all he gave you the anointing for ministry.