By: Dr Chinomso Jude Nwala

“No man can pay a pastor’s salary for doing the work of the ministry.”

When God calls a man he becomes responsible for the needs of the man but when the man calls himself he pays the bills by himself. He who calls you is faithful and just to carry you.

What should be given to a pastor is called a token or an appreciation offering just to say man of God keep it up. It is not a salary and should not be called so. When you depend on receiving salary monthly, you will eventually go serious hungry and look for whom to blame for your hunger because there could be a time when the church won’t have money to pay you then you go about begging and telling people that the church is owing you salary. God doesn’t call men to keep them stranded, he calls men to qualify them.

The moment a pastor understands the value and the capacity of his caller(God), then it becomes easier for him to flow. Your heart towards serving God is what matters. When you pastor with the right heart then all you need to do is whether they appreciate you at month end or not just fire on because God has a way of rewarding faithfulness. All the disciples of Jesus left all that they were doing to do the work of ministry and they didn’t lack anything Neither did their family die of hunger. Even the ones who came to do ministry because of money or salary didn’t last long and the example is Judas.