By: Charles Awuzie

If we have to continuously teach the church how to give, then we haven’t taught them enough of what they were given.

When a christian learns of the great sacrifice of Calvary, they will CHEERFULLY give everything they have to the propagation of the same Truth which set them free.

It is not fair to take anybody’s money when we haven’t told them the truth of the gospel.

Why we emphasize Prophetic Seeds is because we don’t understand the simplicity of GIVING. Sowing and GIVING are different.

How to be a cheerful giver

We don’t sow, we give.

If those of the OLD testament Sowed, good for them…..we are a new breed..Christ is our seed….He was sown into the earth that through Him we might harvest ALL things.

So now, we do not repeat sowing of seeds – we simply give and we do so CHEERFULLY.

Nobody sows cheerfully…Nobody….the Old testament even said “those who sow in tears…” meaning that those who sowed did so in tears….That’s why our prophets of today who still operate in the Old covenant will ask you to give something that will cause you pain….That’s not the gospel….

Raise cheerful givers

We give cheerfully…God loves a cheerful giver…that’s a side of God the Old testament doesn’t know – the God who LOVES (pleased and happy with) a cheerful giver (not a sorrowful giver).

Dear friends, let’s try and look at the new covenant model of giving instead of fighting to protect a false legacy built on false doctrines due to our days of ignorance.

Now that the light has come, shall we continue to walk in darkness just because our ancestors in the ministry did so?

Let our conscience judge the truth…