By: Ord Jide Kol

This idea is so wrong! is it possible that only Christians are going to be in paradise?
Only 31.5% of world population are Christians, what happens to the remaining 69.5%?

4,200 religions in the world and the ones that originated from Africa have been regarded as fetish, evil and occultic even by Africans themselves, traditional worship can’t be evil, the popular religions adopted by Africans are traditional worships of some other…
Please I’ll like to be quoted, ‘Any religion without love is evil’ be it Christianity, Islam or Buddhism.

No religion is greater than the other, I think there is one God and we all belong to different worship departments, every religion is great and God is the greatest.

I celebrate the religion of my forefathers even though I don’t practice, I respect it.

My Christian brothers i am a Christian! are you?