By: Victory Izobofolo

Marry The Person You Know, understands and Love!

I marvel at the behavior of certain men and women, they behave normally until the time they are about to get married; Instead of marrying someone whom they know and love, they go for a mysterious personality whom their flesh lost after and whom they don’t know. They choose a partner who they know very little or nothing about.

How can you marry someone because of sex, pity, infatuation, childhood family arrangement, you hardly know or you don’t love?

Surely, there are some nice people either in the church or circular environment whom you can marry! But you must take time to study, investigate, align goals, pray about it, ask questions, date the partner for at list 1 year, conduct health status test, verify facts and grow in love as you compliment your weakness and strength.

Don’t forget, there are Christians or religious singles, who are either infected, or hid their negative temperaments, fake their love to lost after your money or flesh. Please be vigilant, and don’t make the mistake of marrying a stranger as a partner.

“There are more serious conditions/diseases/ailments other than HIV that people struggle with.”

You may get the message of marrying someone whom the Holy Spirit leads you to or you may discover your choice of a person you married has aggressive spirit or discovered spreading undetected Cancer or Type 3 diabetes that has not been detected. You may marry a perfect person that is 100% perfect and within few months of marriage he or she gets killed in a tragic accident or get injured in spinal chord? Will you say you did not hear from God? wisdom, exposure, understanding and grace is needed during the period of search.

“Marry a person you love, know and whom the Holy Spirit or your instinct or inner persuasion leads you to, and you are both at peace and understand each other need, weakness and strength when making that decision.”

Also, it is important we also know that, for many years now, there are many people with HIV that got healed supernaturally; some still living with the virus that we know of, and have outlived the people we may be discriminating against! but they married without HIV.  God’s love is bigger that HIV or any terminal disease that we may seem to exalt.

Let us walk in Love and above all stick to the spiritual laws of time if we want to be successful in marriage.

Marriage is for fellowship, procreation, partnership, parenting and perfection of the partners. it is not instituted by man, but by God…He alone can answer all your questions before and during marriage.

Search and decide well, divorce should not be an option. family is the first instituted ministry by God, if a man fails in marriage, he stands a 70% chance to fail in any other human instituted ministries.