Abigayle Mutua

If you’re called into the prophetic, understand that you’re called to speak into dimensions and realms of the world…The world is different from the Earth. The earth is where we walk on, what we see and can touch. But the world is bigger than the Earth. The world includes all those systems that run the Earth, it includes the FINANCIAL, THE POLITICAL, THE PSYCHOLOGICAL, THE ATOMIC, THE GALACTIC THE BIOLOGICAL!

Therefore let no one scare you out of speaking on political issues, financial issues or biological issues. YOU ARE CALLED TO EFFECT AND TO AFFECT EVERY SYSTEM THAT PERTAINS THE WORLD AND THE EARTH.

anyone who tries to tell you where you can prophecy and where you can’t is simply a Pharisee. The same way they tried to tell JESUS WHEN TO BE GOD AND WHEN TO BE HUMAN, they will try to tell you the same. Stand firm. This is the season to DECLARE THE kingdom of God on this world, any other kingdom HAS GOT TO BOW TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD.