By: Abigayle Mutua

“STOP helping the devil do his work. He is the accuser of brethren, why help him accuse your fellow brethren.”

The problem we have as servants of God is attacking our fellow servants based on where we are and what we feel and not based on the word.

That I don’t do deliverance I attack deliverance Ministers. That I don’t have cash I attack the prospered Ministers. That I don’t have a well attended church I attack the mega church pastors. That I can’t afford a car I attack the pastors with private jets. That my members don’t call me daddy because of my behavior, I attack those pastors that their members call them daddy. That I don’t have a bodyguard i attack them that has. And the list continues. Ministers, Let us watch out for each other.

There are people who will never let you experience the joy of salvation nor the joy of ministry. They are like the woman in the court of Solomon who slept and killed her baby, then turned on the neighbors baby. It’s not that she wanted the neighbors baby, she just wanted her neighbor child dead because her own was dead!

You try to praise God, they say you are too spiritual . You try to have a small church, they say you don’t have grace. Try to grow a mega church, they say you’re too ambitious. You walk out on ministry, they say you were pretending to love God. You stay in ministry, they say you think you know a lot! Whatever you do, there will always be naysayers and direct oppositions. Ministers let us learn to keep your focus and do what we are called to do.