By: Dr chinomso Jude Nwala

Can you imagine a woman who always fight with her husband teach people on how to build their home? Listening to her is like; telling an igbo man to use fork to eat garri(eba). Can you imagine a blind man leading the blind to a war front? It is abnormal.

How can a woman whose home is not organized be teaching people keys and ways to maintain a successful marriage, how can a young lady whose relationship is shaking and always having issues be teaching people how and ways, and keys to build a sweet Godly relationship.

This is totally madness and those who listen to such people are doomed. Listening to them is like grooming in darkness. Deep calleth to deep, whom you hear determines who hears you. Are they limited to those principles they teach others? If the principle you teach others doesn’t work for you then it is satanic. Don’t you know that charity begins at home, or are you looking for a peaceful home to scatter? If what you teach doesn’t reflect in your life you are evil. Don’t be like some fruits that are beautiful outside but rotten inside.

It is fraud to teach people how to treat their husbands/wife or how to maintain good relationship with their boyfriends/girlfriends when you have not taken care of your own, please stop that nonsense. When people see your principles work for you then they believe you more… (Selah)