By: Evangelist Theophilus Izobofolo


The ‘Spiritual Laws of Time’ also known as the “HOLY BIBLE”, “THE WORD OF GOD” or JESUS, is the greatest world asset.  It is holy and supreme in content, supernatural in origin, divine in authorship and inexhaustible in its adequacy. It is a miracle book of diversity in unity, infinite in scope, universal in interest, eternal in duration and personal in application.

Indeed it is the masterpiece of God with a complete code of laws, it is the most entertaining and authentic history ever published, expanded by the greatest intellect, steeped in the prayers of many saints and stained in the blood of martyrs.

The ‘Spiritual Laws of Time’ is infinite in all measurement and can break the fetters of the slave. The bible takes the heat out of life fierce fever (brings flexibility for complexity); it takes the pains out of parting, the sting out of death and the gloom out of the grave.

These spiritual laws of time are facts for the future of all lives that “have”, “are” and “will” experience time. They are divided into two testaments; the old and the new. The Old Testament conceals Christ while the New Testament reveals Christ. The old infolds Christ, the new unfolds Christ. The old promises Christ, the new presents Christ. The old pictures Christ, the new produces Christ. The old prophesies Christ, the new proclaims Christ. The old localizes Christ, the new universalizes Christ. The old symbolizes Christ, the new sacrifices Christ. Finally, the Old Testament is a law Christ fulfilled while the New Testament is the love Christ exhibits as an example of the believers and as the firstborn.

The Bible is the greatest human divine treasure, is the only ‘SPIRITUAL LAWS OF TIME’ concerning “divine revelation, world creation, and soul salvation of human destiny. Reality of human destiny, reality of eternity, wonderful inspiration, translation, preservation, unification, sanctification and consummation are all found in the ‘Spiritual Laws of Time.’ The word of God is free from earthly mixture; it is un-borrowed and solitary in greatness.

It identifies with the promotion of liberty. It is the companion and pioneer of commerce and the foundation of civil government. It is a source and support of learning containing and fostering the noblest literature in the world. It is the book of God no tyrant can consume, no tradition can choke and no infidel can corrupt. It is settled in its source and sure in his promise, it is likened to a sword, a fire, a hammer, a lamp, a mirror, as milk, as water, and finally as honey. The spiritual law is the only law that has eternal reward on earth and in heaven. It is the only law that can pardon sin and give life and comfort. It helps to control man’s time on earth as it relates to the three dimensions of man’s life.

The Bible as a complete spiritual law of time, gave birth to various field of studies, and as a law for life to live, it is the foundation of general knowledge of all human endeavors…no one can succeed without it.