By: Theophilus Izobofolo

“let us not repeat the Jonah’s problem of loving God but not the things He loves.”

For a long time, I was reading the book of Jonah and thought why would Jonah could be so disrespectful to God and Disobedient. Then I began to read Jonah with fresh understanding and as I read, I saw that there was a very special relationship between God and Jonah. It was a close and tight relationship based on love and Loyalty, and protecting honors.

Jonah Loved God so much that he had a problem with people misusing God’s grace. He saw God forgive people who would soon after forget and go back to sin. Come back again and receive grace only to return to sin again. And in his relationship with God, he felt defensive with God. He felt a need to protect Gods Honor. So when God sent him to Nineveh to deliver a word of impending judgement, Jonah Decided he wont deliver it because God will show mercy to Nineveh if they hear the word and repented .

His problem was that He loved God but didn’t love the things God loved. We run a danger of killing people with our ministry if we do serve God, get defensive about God and do all that but without love. You love God first, then love yourself. After that, that very low with which you love yourself, love your neighbor.

With love you can preach the message of “grace and truth, love.” Love is the greatest gift, fruit and weapon. The ministry is all about exhibiting the love of God not judgment.

When Jonah later obeyed God, he then understand the meaning of total obedience and loyalty to God (love). You can’t impact lives without love. You were saved by unmerited grace not your works, academics prowess, parental hereditary advantage favored judgement or money, so don’t win souls by judging and condemning them.