Abigayle Mutua

Many people find themselves in a spiritual wilderness because they are not committed to cleansing themselves from sin and iniquity. God told Jeremiah that his assignment was to help root out wickedness by declaring the word of the Lord. (Jer. 1:9,10)The word of the Lord would root out, pull down, destroy and throw down all the false mindsets, lies, enemy strongholds and demonic authority structures.

The word of the Lord through his prophet would also help build the kingdom of God. In Joshua 3:5, Joshua commanded the people to prepare to cross over into the promise land, but their preparation had to be through SANCTIFICATION. They had to rid themselves of anything unclean. Joshua understood (because he had a lifetime of good instruction from Moses’ leadership) that a person cannot stand before the enemy if there is any area of compromise or agreement with the enemy in their life.

He was trying to protect his people and also give them the key to victory so that they could overpower the enemy at every encounter. This is how they took hold of their promises and their inheritance! the inheritance had always been theirs from the Lord, but they could not go to battle with doors open to the enemy or they would suffer a defeat. This they learned the hard way through the battle of Ai.(read Joshua chpt 7). Any open doors to compromise are an area where the enemy will come to exploit and bring defeat, often times immediately after a great victory. This is how the enemy offends and defiles a much larger amount of people. He waits until people have greater influence and success before he strikes. God’s plan is to eradicate the enemy before he can strike and do great harm.

Cleanse yourself from anything unclean to overcome satan and his arrows.