By: Chinomso Jude Nwala

Before alluding to a marriage proposal, a decent girl should be more interested in details that will aid her to make an informed decision on her spouse-to-be. If marriage is a decision​ then a reasonable detail of the intending spouse must be volunteered for that decision to be reached.
Marriage is a journey that should last forever while both parties are still alive. It is not a journey that fails on the way if it was well articulated.

When a marriage is devoid of a well guided approach, divorce and its attendant problems will become inevitable realities in the marriage.
The issue of a wife working is good, but every family is not fashioned with the same intent.
There’s really no hard and fast rule here. What works for individuals depending on mutual trusts and ideals is built over time in the relationship is what matters.

Decisions in marriage is not the same as dating estrapolation. Realities aren’t​ always the results of decision. Life has a way of getting at us even with our carefulness and promptness.
But still, plans must be made and the future deliberated. Now, what preoccupies the thoughts of most ladies during their dating relationship that prepares them for marriage?

Outings, movies, emotional indulgences, great wedding ideas, great sex, etc. Not many want to be be over-challenged with thoughts of what their future life design should be like.

Not many see beyond the sleeves. So the realities that juggles most ladies in marriage were the truth they refused to tell themselves during courtship.

A woman must be firm, resolute and decisive even if the man in her life is the last man standing on earth. Haste is not good with women because they’re not good absorbers of shock and emergencies. A lady​ should not be hasty with her decision because of the intense desire to get married. Marriage is not a bus stop. It is just a passage to another phase in life.

The way most ladies view marriage is the reason issues of eminence are never looked into before saying “I do.” It’s good for a lady to work, but the design of her ideal family with her spouse-to-be must be drafted and measures adopted to follow.

If marriage is seen as a work-plan to be vigorously pursued, candies, chocolates and movies will not be priced above meaningful meetings where intending spouses ought to chart the course of their future. Reasonable discussions about childbearing, responsibilities, work, family and others will not be punctuated with kisses and smooching.

These are the fires that most people play around with while in courtship. Issues of paramount importance have been extinguished by soothing pleasures of the moment. Beyond the pomp, mood and rumps of emotional attraction, every dating person should dare to consider the future with all sincerity.

Before any relationship precipitate into marriage there are certain issues that should be discussed and agreed upon. And people should be held accountable for their word and appendages to a marriage relationship.

Issues agreed upon during courtship must be logically followed in all sincerity. I really do not know how some of our mothers succeeded in raising for us the kind of girls we have these​ days​ who always allow their emotion to dictate everything while their sense of reasoning is suspended.

A good number of Christian girls need to be taught about Christian courtship again. They’re really mixing up things like unbelieving girls…