Izuchukwu Samuel Nkwocha

They wash your head with water and blood was gushing out. They sprinkled their so called blessed water on your car and blood comes out, due to fear u gave them the car as a seed, they pray on an object, pour water on it and fire gushes out, and you conclude saying; this is a great man of God. If you have witnessed this,  you have been fooled and been covenanted with them.

Here is their style!

The blind pursuit for miracles has landed many people into wrong covenant and demonic association, but for how long shall you be fooled? Paul cried out, he said OH FOOLISH GALATIANS WHO HAVE BEWITCHED YOU!

Magic stone; this stone produces fire when water is added to it. This has been the trick these business men on suit have been using to fool many and collecting the hard earned money of many. With the help of their planted workers they get this set for display and in the heat of prayer and worship fire springs up after water or any liquid has been added

Magic powder: A so called apostle from Aba once used this means to collect an innocent man’s car. After prophesying that he sees accident with that car and that the only way is to sow the car as a seed to him, he went out to the car with the church, prayed on water and sprinkled it over the car and thick blood like liquid appeared; this was how this innocent man sowed out his car to that thief. A planted worker of that thief that calls himself an apostle had already gone out to sprinkle the magic powder over the car before the thief came out to pray. This ordeal happened here in Lagos, Nigeria.

After the blood and fire display how many lives were transformed? How many souls were saved? How many people spoke in new tongues? The only thing gained is money, because they end up using their lies to call for people to sow seeds and we will foolishly sow. Yes, we! because I’ve been fooled too. Eternal values can never be found in lies and false hood.

In this times, many will deceive and be deceived but those who seek to know Jesus and Him crucified will always be strong and do exploits with miracles dwelling with them.