By: Theophilus Izobofolo

“Whatever you are afraid of is afraid of you; if you let it grow it will enslave you, if you fight it, it will become strength.” by: Izobofolo


1. A- Awareness: Identify and know your fears…they may not exist. Actions weaken the negative adrenaline that triggers fear. When you don’t take action the adrenaline begins to weaken the body and mind, and throws you into depression. Know this; our imaginations are or close to the realities of life…if you don’t act, fear will take control.

2. B- Breath in and out: Your breath is a savior in your present time of fear. Take a breath and take control of your body, soul and spirit.

3. C- Curiosity: Be curious about what thoughts or feelings create your fears.

4. D- Diet: Depression and anxiety are most times caused by unhealthy diets. Take balance diet.

5. E- Explore Your Roots: Know the root of your fears. Are you afraid of what you have done or about to do?

6. F- Freedom from Emotion Technique: Use your fingertips to tap any of the 12 meridian points in the body while you think about the fear. E.g. heart, lever, gallbladder, lungs, large intestine etc.

7. G- Gratefulness: Be thankful to the opportunity that the fear brings.

8. H- Help (charity): Feel good by given to people around you. Love cover multitude of sin.

9. I- Identify: Identify the cause or what exactly you’re afraid of.

10. J- Jotting: Write down your fears on paper and critically design escape point. Thinking about it only may increase wary.

11. K- Knot a game: Playing a game can help device a new strategy to take you away from fear. It helps you to reason inductively and deductively. Ignorance is the master of fear.

12. L- Life Coach: Nothing is new under the sun. Experience teaches better. Get a mentor to advice and encourage you.

13. M- Model: Connect with someone who had gone true same fear before or have the same fear.

14. N- Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Sound triggers fears. The happenings of once environments sighted with the eye triggers fears. To kill fears, know how your mind works. Control your mind when responding to stimuli.

15. O- Operate abstract activities: Watching a movie or a documentary, tourism, traveling, making new friends etc. Your ignorance increases your fears, but acquired information’s from books or internet, movies, traveling etc. can renew you and make you break loose from illusive state of mind and kill fear.

16. P- Positivity: Fear is caused by ignorance or adverse expectation of a possible outcome. Be optimistic about your expectations. Yes, there are so many things that can happen that it’s impossible for you to predict or forecast, but still be positive in thought.

17. Q- Quiet-time prayer: The bible says; “Commit your ways unto the lord, trust also in Him and He will bring it to pass” Psalm 37:5 (KJV). Via spiritual meditation with the Word will intervene. There is nothing bigger than God.

18. R- Release Control: Where we don’t have control, we experience fear. Yes it is true that; you can’t control the outcome of occurrence, but you can control imputes of resources to control outcomes. Folks! Believe all things, trust all things but verify to prove all things and pay attentions to little or minutest details that process your outcomes. By this you will reduce or kill the possible occurrence of fear.

19. S- Surrender: He that fights and run way, lives to fight another day. Loose the battle but win the war. Surrender to what is bigger than you for now and learn secretes of the power. If you don’t understand secretes of the power submit to reality; if you have learn and mastered the secrets, wedge war against that fear…fear is an illusion (Reference: The 48 Laws of Power)

20. T- Therapy: Just as there is a spiritual, emotional, educational, social etc., aspect to managing fears, so is medical. Quickly get a qualified and tested professional therapist to medically advice and recommend ways (as lifestyle) or medications for you. Talk: Cultivate the attitude of sharing your fears indirectly to some trusted folks, when you share your fears you get advice, rebuke, mockery or pity. Take the advice, filter the rebukes and mockeries but reject the pity. Also talking help you build mind flexibility

21. U- Understand the Benefits of Failure. It is obvious that most of our fears are fear of failure, but understand that failures are disguised gains. It is not the end of life, sometimes it is a redirection to purpose. To me failure is a gift.

22. V- Value for work. An idle mind is prone to negative thought but a working mind will make fear naturally fizzle out.

23. W- Worst case scenario: Consider the worst possible outcomes of your fears. In my book titled; “Secrets of Success” I admonished folks that “there are possible ample random probabilities of an event to occur differently than the only way of occurrence”. This means that you have to mentally and physically explore all options of occurrence to manage your fears.

24. X- X-ray the Reason: As your conquer fear, learn the lessons it teaches. Everything happens for a reason – good or bad.

25. Y- Your Isometrics. Exercise kills depression. It helps you to release the trapped energy caused by fear. When you exercise regularly in addition to other suggested remedies, your mind power gain expression with your body that can easily make you defray fear.

26. Z- Zip experience with judgement: The level of your judgement is based on the level of experience and knowledge gathered from life occurrences. Every conquered fear becomes an added experience. Connect that experience to judge imputes of future actions and assist third parties to solve similar fears. Be a mentor with your experience, every fear is a teacher.

Reference: Mr. Henry

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