By: Ogechi Uzoma

I bring you greetings in Jesus name. Well, having been in the faith for some time now, I’ve noticed some very obvious lapses among some sects in the Christendom over and over again which grieves my heart. Now, this is the reason for this call and here it goes:

Please, its high time we stop all forms of denominational fanaticism, unnecessary doctrinal appraisals, unguided human sentiments, judgemental approaches and/or attitudes which ultimately has no iota form of potency to work out salvation. None of these will and will ever be a substitute for evangelism. We were simply instructed to preach the message of the GOSPEL and not to cause spiritual nuisance. We were asked to water the already planted souls (which may not have been your effort) and not to waste them. We were asked to reap these already planted souls which are ripe for harvest and not to destroy them. We were asked to be examples unto the believers (which entails our lifestyle and the message we’re sending across) and not to get them entrap.

Now, let’s run a self check by honestly asking ourselves this very simple question… Am I a soul planter/reaper or a soul destroyer? Please be an encouragement to a brother or a sister today. Be an encouragement to someone who is yet to know Christ for you were once like that.
God bless you. Amen.