By: Charles Awuzie

Millions of graves would have been empty had their present occupants controlled their emotional feelings and not let their feelings control them.

Several broken marriages would have been successful had the ‘couples’ involved controlled their emotions and not let their emotions control them.

Many ministries would have excelled had the leadership not allowed emotional feelings to becloud their spiritual sensitivity.

A boss got angry at what his employee did and fired him and the company started going down from the day the employee left because he was the most skilled. Emotions!

A man got emotionally connected to a strange girl who squandered his entire salary for 6 months, leaving his wife and kids hungry for months. Emotions!

Samson got emotionally attached to Delilah and he forgot that she was from the camp of his enemy. Emotions!

A boy got carried away with emotional feelings for a beautiful prostitute that he ended up marrying her, now all his friends and cousins share his wife’s body with him like a ‘commonwealth’. Emotions!

Joseph got excited about his dreams that he shared it prematurely and that cost him seasons of slavery and incarceration. Emotions!

Be it anger, ego, infatuation, fear or even excitement, always be in control. Emotions becloud your reasoning…it disconnects your spiritual sensitivity…it makes you see enemies as friends and friends as enemies…emotions make you see strangers as family and family as strangers.

The things we wreck with our reckless emotions we always blame on ‘the devil’. Hence my submission that an uncontrolled emotion is an embryonic devil waiting to hatch.

I used to be a helpless emotional thing until I discovered how emotions have wrecked destinies then I made a decision to always keep my emotions in control. I am not detached from my emotions but I am not attached to it either, I am just in control of it.

My decisions are no longer determined by emotions but by reasoning, logic, wisdom through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I live above anger, lust, fear and even happiness. Nothing excites me and nothing depresses me. Like Paul, I can say “none of these things move me”. I dwell in the constant Joy of the Spirit which is not dependent on whether there is food or not; my sobriety is in deep meditation of the logos and Rhema.

God gave us emotions and also a Task to keep them in check. Maranatha!