By: Charles Awuzie –

If Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Rothchilds family, Dangote and family, Trump’s family all become members of your church, will you still ask them to sow seeds to prosper?

Will you still threaten them with poverty if they don’t pay tithes?

Do you know that those men have passed the level of accurately calculating their tithes? You won’t understand this one because you don’t know that level of wealth.

Do you now realize that we are preaching Another Selective Gospel – packaged only for poor people?

Will you look Donald Trump in the eyes and tell him that his success is connected to the seed he will sow into your life?

Will you look Zuckerberg’s wife and tell her that for her to have a baby boy, she would need to sow a huge seed into your life? Yes, she doesn’t have a male child yet. (I know how we unfortunately make this male child thing a big deal).

Will you tell Bill Gates that you became wealthy by favor and that if he wants to become wealthy like you, he should sow into your life? Won’t you be ashamed by the little things you have which makes you feel rich? Wouldn’t you realize how poor you are if you sit face to face with Bill Gates?

Can you now see that we have really taken advantage of the poverty of the poor?

Salvation is free. The finished work of Christ as paid for it all. Grace, Truth and Love…